Steve & Gay Petersen Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Dear Family and Friends,

This letter comes to you from a family that is grateful for the Lord’s protection, provision and promises!


Hurricane Irma caused a good bit of concern as we boarded up Teen Missions (TMI) in addition to our own housing (a mobile home). We weathered the storm in the Display Room at Teen Missions since it has a concrete ceiling. I (Steve) moved all of the ministry computers into a safer part of the building as well, with help from other staff. We are grateful for the Lord’s protection as we suffered only minor damage to roof tiles and trailer siding at home. At TMI, the Tabernacle walls were knocked down. Water was out for about two days and power was out for about four days. We are super grateful that power is back on! It was over 90 degrees in our house.


God blessed us again with an awesome team of former team members. We brought five from Florida and one leader, Hannah, who’d been a team member with us the previous year. They got along really well with each other and had a hunger for learning God’s Word and a zeal for the many different types of work our project required. Our greatest disappointment this summer was that we didn’t see more Navajos coming to join our Second Boot Camp located in Window Rock. We received two team members, Christian and Lydia. We also welcomed Daniel as a leader (he’d served as a team member with us the previous year). They each grew and matured spiritually and in their work. We conducted work projects at Western Indian Ministries and in Dził Na-oodiłii(don’t ask me to pronounce that!) and Dilcon. We fixed roads, painted, repaired a floor and laid carpet. We also ran a sports camp for Navajo youth one week and then ran a children’s VBS the next week. We set up a booth and shared the Good News at five JMI’s (Just Move It 5k races). As a result, we saw at least four decisions for Christ and many seeds planted. Praise the Lord! We know that God was answering prayer when we experienced numerous ‘close calls’ over our thousands of miles travelled and each time, God kept us safe! Thank you to all who prayed for our safety!


Timothy had a new experience as he worked at a farm in north Florida for the summer. Beaver and Michelle Yoder, farm owners, were his leaders to Nepal in 2016. He learned many new skills…very different from anything he’d done before. It was his first summer not being on a summer team and he missed it, but was glad for the experience and fellowship at the Yoders’. A big THANK YOU to the Yoders for taking such good care of him and to those who prayed for Timothy.


Faith really matured this summer. She helped lead worship at team devotions and joined in all of the work and evangelism outreaches with the rest of the team. She boldly shared Christ, even with a Navajo woman who was traditional (native Navajo religion). The woman permitted Faith to pray for her, but was unwilling to receive Christ. May the Lord remind her of the seeds that were planted.


I am teaching Synthesis III (I Samuel thru Esther) this term at the Bible school and have been working out the wrinkles on the Teen Missions server and email system. Gay has worked hard to set up the kid’s homeschool schedule for the year and has to make up for the days missed during the hurricane. She is also working in the Finance Department at TMI every afternoon.


We plan to travel to Denver, Colorado during the first week of November for the 50th anniversary of my home-sending church, Redeemer Temple. We are grateful for all the faithful prayers, support and friendship during times of both plenty and need over more than 30 years! If it works out, we’d love to see as many friends along the way as possible, even for coffee along the interstate if it works out. Let us know by email or facebook if you’d like to try!


•Safety during more than 5,000 miles of travel on the TMI bus during the western ‘monsoon’ season!

•For the best team and leaders we could have hoped for. They were hard working, on fire for the Lord and provided LOTS of laughs and free entertainment along the way!

•For Christian, Lydia and Daniel; their courage and willingness to serve the Lord with us this summer. For their growth in the Lord and friendship!

Prayer Items:

• For wisdom for Teen Missions’ Director, Bob Bland, and the Board as we plan the upcoming year

•For love and unity amongst the staff and students as we serve together

•For Gay as she teaches Timothy (10th grade) and Faith (7th grade) and serves in multiple departments

•For me, a stronger prayer life and that I’d ‘redeem the time’.

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22 & 20 / Gal. 2:20



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