Todd & Rosemary McPherson Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Dear Friends and Family,


Air Boat ride with Poppers

This year, we spent our time off with supporters, friends, and family in Florida. I (Rosemary) had not been back to Florida since I was pregnant with Shemar, so it was so good to see those we had been away from for so long. We visited friends and family, introduced Phillip to the ocean, experienced the Solar Eclipse in Florida, Todd spoke at our home church in Florida about missions, and we celebrated Shemar’s birthday early with Poppers and Nana (Todd’s parent’s). At the end, we left Florida on Tuesday night, soon after the evacuations started. 

Our time in Florida was enjoyable and sad. Most of what we did was fun and encouraging, but we left on such a sad note seeing the destruction of Harvey in Texas and the predictions of Irma. We knew that at least some of the people we met would be hit by that hurricane because we had family and friends on both sides. We are so glad that Irma died down and that those I have heard from are safe and with minor damage, but I know that is not true for everyone. 

Camp Outlook

Moving Trash at Camp Outlook

On the 23rd of September, Todd put together a work team to help him clean Camp Outlook. The camp here in Outlook is very run down. We hope to have a Boot Camp here in Canada, but it will not be at this camp this year. There is just too much to be done in too short a time. Todd is working as quickly as he can, but he only has until the end of October or until the snow arrives at the latest. So, on the 23rd, he got a little help to move some garbage from around the cabins to get the camp ready for new possibilities. We don’t know what is coming for the camp, but we do know preparing and repairing the camp is the only way for it to be ready for use.


The Family

Kara playing checkers on our way home

Potty training this summer was our main goal. Shemar has really figured it out. We rarely have any problems and it is obvious if he needs to go. Kara is taking a bit longer to learn that she has to stop playing and use the restroom in order to not wet her pants. But I know that will come with time. 

This year we are starting homeschooling with Shemar as he turned five on the 22nd of September. I don’t have to register him with the school board until next year, but we have started getting him used to school activities. My main goal this year is to get into the routine of school which, with two other little ones, is a bit difficult. 

Phillip’s burns look so healed

And little Phillip is healing well from his burns. The main thing that was hard for me in the past was that he wasn’t sleeping well, but in the last month something happened and he now is sleeping through the night again, giving mom a much-needed rest.

Lastly, I would like to announce that we are expecting our fourth child in the Spring of next year, Lord willing. For those who are unaware, as a family we do not find out the gender of our children ahead and in order to erase the pronoun confusion, we give the baby to be born a name until they arrive to receive their gender specific name. Shemar was Baby Mac, Kara was PK, and Phillip was Baby Jep, This ones name is TJ. TJ is growing fine as far was we can tell and we have our ultrasound to confirm due date and health the end of October. We are happy and excited with the new baby coming and we are looking forward to TJ’s arrival.

Shemar opening presents

Prayer Requests

•For those still recovering from Irma and Harvey

•Direction on when and what needs to be done with Camp Outlook

•Kara struggling to use that bathroom

•Homeschooling to become a part of our day

•Good Health for Rosemary and TJ


•Shemar learning to use the potty

•The ability to homeschool

•That Irma was not as strong as predicted

•That the work day on the 23rd went well


From your partners in missions,

Todd and Rosemary

Shemar, Kara, Phillip, TJ

2 Cor. 12:9-10

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