Timothy & Christi Chaffee Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Hello Family and Friends,


We hope you have had a blessed summer. Abundance continues to happen that we are eager to share with you. Rebekah has begun Kindergarten and particularly loves art and physical education. She will even get our attention to show us her exercising and I have caught her doing sit-ups. David is expressing interest at the opportunity to learn letters and looking through books—pointing out familiar items as he goes along. Brielle enjoys army crawling throughout the house, exploring her vocal options and eating – unless it’s beef and beef gravy or green beans. Christi has kept busy sorting through the house since our arrival back in Florida. 

After the mission trip I served with this past summer, our family had deputation—which is a time of support-raising and since our largest support base is in Oregon, we traveled there. We apologize if we didn’t get to share with you as we were limited to a few weeks – which included driving time. We hope to share with more of you next year. Since our arrival home, I have begun clearing debris from our yard due to Hurricane Irma as we were on the northeast part of the storm.

Personal Involvement

This summer I served as a leader on a Preteen team of 16 youth. During Boot Camp, the kids went through training which included mission’s specific classes, puppetry, singing, evangelism and an Obstacle Course, which promoted team unity and perseverance. After Boot Camp, we remained on Teen Missions base for 17 days helping to maintain some of the approximate 250 acres of property by clearing paths for future campsites for the upcoming year’s Boot Camp. It was great to see the youth work really hard together to complete that task and it also offered a great opportunity for the Preteens to become more comfortable on the miniature motorbikes – which we used to travel to share the Gospel with several people while at Ocala National Forest. 

Before we left for Ocala, we also went to Cocoa Village to evangelize at a nearby park. Following our 17 days serving on base and evangelizing at the park, we spent six days in Ocala National Forest which also gave us the wonderful opportunity to minister to a park ranger and our young team members – which happens to be a large reason Teen Missions exist. Throughout the summer, I even witnessed one team member of ours accept Christ and another one rededicate his life to Christ! 

After our time of service was complete, we came back from Ocala and participated in Debrief for a week before heading home. The Debrief time taught the team members how to apply what they learned this summer and how to take that passion home with them to impact their lives and the lives of others around them.

Summer Testimony

Melissa from our Forest Angels team shared, “Boot Camp has been life changing, fun and challenging. It teaches us about Jesus and the Bible. The Obstacle Course (or O.C.) is fun and teaches us to get along and work together with other people. Miss Piggy teaches us to be clean. We sing cool songs every night about God, Jesus, and what they did for us. The mosquitoes are annoying even if you put on repellent, but it’s worth it because of God. Boot Camp also makes us appreciate our parents and family.”


•I broke my right ankle this past summer. However, when I saw an orthopedic surgeon, he mentioned it’s healed. The occasional pain I experience is likely due to a bad sprain I obtained around the same time I broke my ankle.

•Praise for the youth that God impacted through Teen Missions this summer. One team member on the Forest Angels team accepted Christ. Another rededicated his life to Christ.

•The AIDS Orphans Mud Run had more than 500 participants – many of whom donated their shoes following the mud run to benefit AIDS orphans overseas.

•Praise for our new supporters!

•Hurricane Irma came through with minor damage to Teen Missions base and housing.

•Praise for our family’s safety as we had traveled cross-country during deputation.

Prayer Requests

•Pray for David as he will likely begin therapy later this year – due to being developmentally off track in areas due to possible autism. David’s eligibility determination meeting for therapy will be October 5.

•Pray for continued support of Teen Missions and our family.

•Pray for the youth who accepted Christ to have the strength to continue their new faith.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

In Christ,

The Chaffee’s

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