Amanda Evans Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Hey Family and Friends,


The team at the safari

I hope everyone is well. Summer is over and fall is here along with hurricane season. The staff and students were supposed to be back on September 12th but Hurricane Irma came. So flights got canceled and evacuations happened and we got a longer vacation. Once everyone came back to work at Teen Missions, we cleaned up from the hurricane—picking up branches and using the chain saw to cut up fallen trees. Now on to cleaning up from last summer and getting ready for the 2018 summer. There are already about 100 registrations for the teams. So right now we are getting packets out and sending the staff newsletters out. In November we will be sending out the 2018 brochures.

The kids at the base

This summer I got to go back to Malawi. The last time I was there was when I did my internship in 2008 to 2009. I wasn’t planning on leading, but I was asked to help lead the Forest Angel preteen team and I said yes. Since I did it in 2015 I knew what I was getting into. Then a week before the kids arrived, I got asked to help lead the Malawi Well Drilling team. I said yes in a heartbeat because it’s been a long time since I was in Malawi. There were four of us leaders and 24 team members: 10 guys and 14 girls and two little staff kids. Two of the leaders, Seth and Emily Phippen and their two kids stayed behind to run the base in Malawi and we left one of the team members behind because she was staying to do the GAP Year program. It was interesting and sad to leave them, but we knew that was God’s plan. 

Beautiful Malawi sunset

During the two weeks of training at Boot Camp, the team learned how to run the drill and how to share the Gospel. Once we got to Malawi we drove to Mangochi. The base is on the beach and the sunsets and the sunrises were beautiful. We stayed in tents the whole time. It took us about a week to drill the well. Only about eight or nine team members could work at a time so the rest would play games with kids who were constantly watching what we were doing. After we were finished with the well we still had couple of weeks left so we helped around the base fixing up the fences around the property, painting, did a thin level of concrete for the floor and finished the roof for the truck to park under. We also were able to evangelize around the village by going door to door and a couple of people accepted Jesus in their hearts, but we planted a lot of seeds for them to know Jesus. PRAISE GOD!!! 

Before we left Malawi we went on a safari where we got to stay in nice rooms with beds and we saw elephants, zebras and other animals. When we got to Debrief in Florida I told the team at the end that at first I didn’t want to lead a team, but now I was really glad I did. I’m glad I took the opportunity and was able to help lead this great team and was able to see friends in Malawi. Praise God this year I didn’t get malaria!!

Our main verse for the team was John 4:14, “But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” 

Evangelism with the kids

The summer was great. There were some hard times, but you should always expect it because that’s when you get to learn. Thank you everyone who supported my summer team and are supporting me by prayer and financially for being here on staff.

In Christ,



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