Bryan & Dawn Ayers Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Dear Family, Friends and Partners,


The busy summer season has ended, but its effects will be lasting a lifetime. We were once again scattered around the world to minister however God would lead us.

Abby and her friend, Mindy, came home from Uganda in July. They both had malaria, then Abby contracted Hepatitis A and Mindy continued with health issues following malaria as well. They decided it was better to deal with those complications here at home. They were sad to leave the beginnings of ministry that they were just starting with refugees and a goat project, but they did get the plumbing in for running water inside the building. Dawn’s mother, Paula, came down from Minnesota for a week to help Abby and Mindy when they first arrived home. After a couple months of being home they are both doing better.

Benjamin, Caleb, Dawn and I went to Trinidad on a Preteen team. This was the second time for Benjamin and me. It is such a great place for a team to go and join along with ministry already happening. Our team built a 384′ concrete drain that will help get the water off the property every time it rains. The pastor and many others were really excited to have this done. We continued on a security wall, filling the blocks with concrete, and leveling the parking lot with stone. A few from our team also shared their testimonies with local children during the church’s VBS. The church people overwhelmed us with hospitality and friendship and we loved their lively services. We are thankful for the opportunity to have served with them this summer. Some of the team members have already signed up for 2018 Teen Missions teams.

Grace went to Nicaragua on a Teen team. Their team helped with repairing roads, light posts and fences, and conducting post-storm clean-up, especially important in the rainy season. But their main project during the month was the construction of a new pavilion space on the AMOS campus. Amos is a medical ministry that does clinics all over Nicaragua. This multi-purpose space will be used for community meetings and volunteer and staff reflections, and the mission is so grateful to have it. She made many friends on her team as well.

Hannah completed a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) this summer. It was a five-month experience consisting of three months of training and two months in South Africa. She learned many things during the school. In South Africa, they reached out with the Gospel to many people and helped with a VBS. Some days they just walked down the streets and ministered to whomever they could. It was time well-spent.

Dawn and I were able to teach at the Preteen Debrief and both Teen Debriefs. Many team members felt God’s calling in their lives for full-time Christian service. We get overjoyed at these events because our goal is to lead and equip people into serving the Lord however He calls them.

Luke worked all summer and stayed home with Bella. Of course he got to enjoy lots of fishing and surfing, too. It’s great to have some older kids who can stay home and take care of things while we are gone. He even survived for several weeks without the air conditioner when it broke down.

Following Debriefs and a week of working on a new shed, we drove 2,400 miles up the East Coast visiting partners and friends as fast as we could. Seeing some old friends and some former team members always does our hearts good. There are so many generous and encouraging people who desire to see the Lord’s work thrive. We are just glad to be a part of it!

With the help of our boys and friend, Jeremiah, our shed was complete enough to handle Hurricane Irma. The Canaveral Air Force Station, just ten miles from us, registered 90 mph sustained winds and 140 mph gusts. It made for an interesting night and we lost power for four days. Although these storms are terribly inconvenient, there were lots of friends and neighbors working together and sharing to help everyone along. We thank God that our damages were not even close to the destruction that others are still trying to work through.

After a long summer of travel and storms and recovery, we look forward to the days ahead. The details of the 2018 Teen Missions teams are already being worked out. Six new Bible School students have arrived. The kids are back at their school work. Best of all, late November starts cooler weather down here. I look forward to it every year. I have been impressed that I need to personally share the good news of the Gospel more, so I will be taking more steps toward that. 

In our May letter I mentioned the deficits to our financial partnerships and the strain it was causing our ability to minister here. Several people were inclined to share in this ministry financially with us. We are blessed to know that many are aware of the impact that Teen Missions has and are willing to participate with us. Thank you to all who encourage, pray and give so that every year hundreds of young people can be steered into a lifetime of service in the kingdom of God.

May you know the fullness that Christ has for you and may you follow Him in every way and may you be blessed!

Bryan, Dawn, Abby, Hannah, Luke, Grace, Benjamin & Caleb


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