Christine Wald Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters,

Commissioning Night Rally under the Big Top

Amazing Summer in Florida!

After 16 years of leading teams overseas every summer, I finally took a break. This summer I chose to stay home on summer staff. After being placed on the team to Zambia then pulled off, I was offered several other teams, but I decided to stay in Florida and help with the responsibilities of summer staff. 

Boot Camp

It was quite a different experience to be at Boot Camp without being a leader on a team. One of the best parts was that I didn’t have to move out into a tent, try to sleep in heat and deal with the pesky mosquitoes. Instead, I concentrated on taking photos of all the teams and posting them online for the parents each day. It was fun to have some of my former team members around who were now going on different teams.

Summer Staff

Weeks 1-2 – I was busy driving busses to the airport to drop off teams on their way to their projects around the world. I made one trip to Miami (8 hours round trip) and too many trips to Orlando to count (2 hours round trip). I also worked on the website. It was mostly updating information and photos and putting up the 2018 teams. Over 120 teenagers are already registered for next summer.

Week 3 – I drove the bus up to Ocala National Forest for a week of camping with the Forest Angels Team. So even though I didn’t have my own team, I still got to sleep in a tent even if it was just a week. This team of preteens brought 20 mini-bikes to ride the trails and share the Gospel along the way. Each morning I drove them to the trailhead and back. In the afternoon we enjoyed swimming in Juniper Springs. 

Weeks 4-6 – Each Debrief ran from Monday thru Friday. Monday was Arrival Day. I was busy with bus runs to the airport, picking up teams late into the night as they arrived back in the States. Many teams were delayed due to storms and having to go through customs. On Tuesday/Thursday the teams had classes. I ran the souvenir store three hours a day after meals. Wednesday was my favorite day–Beach Day! Every team got to spend time at Cocoa Beach, but they had to have a bus driver take them. Friday was Go Home Day which meant another trip to the airport for me to drop off the team members to catch their flights home. Then rinse and repeat for two more Debriefs and our summer was over. I enjoyed my summer very much.

Back to the Office

Now, a few weeks have passed and everyone is back to work. It is my favorite time of year, brochure time. Our largest promotional mailing is the 32-page brochure that goes to press at the end of October. We will have 110,000 brochures printed. In November, we will mail the brochure to over 85,000 homes and businesses. Designing the brochure takes about 12 days, which includes designing two maps, and choosing and placing over 100 pictures and lots of text.

It has been another great year of serving the Lord with Teen Missions! Looking back over the last 16 years it’s amazing to see how many of my financial and prayer supporters have been with me since the beginning.  Thank you for being my partners in ministry.


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