Student Outreach to Fouriesburg, South Africa

In October, students from the Teen Missions in South Africa base conducted an outreach to Fouriesburg, Free State. It was hosted by former student and MSSM staff Peter Putstonyeone. Here is their account of the trip…

On Friday, many of the kids came out to greet us. The students organized some games in order to get to know them better. In the evening, we did an open-air program. We began with singing — Tebogo and Mrs. Elizabeth led worship. Afterwards, Bongani began preaching and Lucky followed after him. The street was lighted at least, so we could pass out tracts and talk to people in the light. Titus really jumped into the evangelism and must have passed out tracts to 50 or 60 people! The lady hosting us stayed up and kept our food warm while we were out and fed us once we returned. It was nearly midnight by the time we went to sleep on the first night.

On Saturday morning, the lady of the house busy early mixing and baking scones. We all were up by 6:30  began the day with nice fresh baked scones and tea or coffee. We then drove out to Qwa Qwa where four churches were meeting together for the day camp.We shared puppet songs, a puppet skit (good samaritan), games and MSSM Bible story and memory verses. The kids started off with prepared songs that each Sunday School had practiced. The students did a very good overall with the puppets. The kids really loved the songs and were singing them on the way home on the bus… especially Ticklish Reuben.

On Sunday, we were off to church and really enjoyed the service. There was a lot of music and intercession prayer. I was given the opportunity to preach and talk about Teen Missions. After the service our host mom brought lunch to us at the church, then we drove her and her things home and said our goodbyes. It was a blessed time and we enjoyed the experience. The students also took away several things that they learned.

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