Bob Bland Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Dear Family and Friends,


Commissioning under the Big Top

It’s been a long uphill summer, but the Lord brought me through it all. I had three different sinus infections, next pneumonia with a hospital stay, followed by fluid on the lungs. I was trying to get through Boot Camp and the summer. The doctor said usually anyone in your condition is sent straight to the hospital, but he knew we had Boot Camp running, so he said to try some pills. After three days if it was not better, I would have to go to the hospital. The pills worked and I lost 13 lbs in four days, 20 pounds in 10 days. I am fine now. 

Graduating BMW class of 2017

Later in the summer, I enjoyed a trip to Ohio to speak at Waverly Bible Christian Church, which I attended as a child. I was also able to visit Huntington Chapel, Alma Methodist Church and Mt. Tabor (Bernie’s home church). I took time to attend the Bland and Alma homecoming reunions. I ran the crawdad race at Alma –  I enjoyed that the most. 

The Tabernacle after Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma visited Florida during this time and I was unable to get a flight back to Florida for several days. The base suffered a good bit. The Old Testament Tabernacle was flattened. Howard Vanderpool removed the Tabernacle furniture before Irma hit so that part was spared. The walls will be repaired this winter and set back up. There are many trees down and limbs blown off. Many things need to be cleaned and repaired. We hope and pray for winter volunteers to help. 

Main building roof after Irma

At my house we had two rooms that flooded. We cut the carpet out and are running a dehumidifier to dry them out so they don’t mold. Our large tree at the entrance was taken out, roots and all. My remaining citrus trees were damaged. The wind killed the leaves which are brown now. I hope they come back. Irma also took down my back and side wooden fences. They will have to wait until Christmas break to get fixed. 


Meanwhile overseas the work has gone well. There are now: 

•28 BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Centers (BMW) running with xxxxx students.

•201 Motorcycle Sunday Schools

•8 Matron’s Units

•38 Boot Camps

•30 Bases

Most of our staff are back from overseas or deputation and six new BMW students are in.

We are now loading two 20-ft. containers with 22 tons of clothes, blankets, medical and school supplies to ship to our 30 AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in Malawi and Zambia, Africa. 

We are in the process of setting up next year’s teams and writing brochure copy, along with an insert telling of Irma repairs. Volunteers are needed.

The exploding ministries in our overseas bases have won many to Christ. The 20 teen teams this last summer also added many decisions for Christ.

The enemy does oppose, so your prayers are greatly needed. Thank you for caring, it makes a difference.


Robert Bland


  1. Dear Bob,

    Thanks for being a pioneer. I was on the Guatemala team in 1975 and Peru team in 1976. I was probably best known to your staff for the special blessings they gave me at boot camp.

    In 1989, I started Adventures In Missions. We’ve taken over 100,000 on mission trips and have bases around the world.

    Jesus’ Great Commission continues to inspire new generations.

    Seth Barnes

  2. Always uplifting to read/hear how things are at TMI? Even when Irma took its best shot Bob still comes out with something positive.
    I will always hold in my heart the short but precious 1 on 1 time I had with Bob in Humenskraal, South Africa.

  3. Mr. Bland, I served on two work teams during the summers of 1976 (Guatemala) and 1977 (Anguilla, Asst. Leader). You were there then, and you are still there now! Those summers in ministry set the tone for my life since. I have served for 25 years as a church music director, 9 years as a pastor, and now 2 years into missionary service training pastors in Latin America. Thank you for your investment in me and countless other young people whom you helped disciple and enabled to “get dirty for God” early in life. I am forever grateful. To God be the glory.

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