Leonidas & Mirian Vasquez Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Hello Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.


Greetings from the middle of the world!!!

We are the Vásquez Romero family and we are very happy to share with you about our return to the ministry of Teen Missions Ecuador.

I (Mirian) met the ministry of Teen Missions in Honduras in 1995, my country of origin, where I went to the Boot Camp as a team leader. In that camp, God confirmed a thousand times that I was called to missionary service. I gave up my work and entered the Bible school (BMW) of Teen Missions in Honduras. In 1998, I finished my studies in missiology. In 2000, God gave me the opportunity to go to Ecuador as a missionary, along with missionaries, Dane and Loyda Burk, Elizabeth Little and Leonidas Vásquez. Together, we started the BMW in Ecuador.

In 2003, I married the missionary, Leonidas Vásquez, and we continued to serve the Lord at the Teen Missions in Ecuador base until the year 2006.

2006 -2016: In these years the house was sold in Latacunga and we moved to La Mana, where we bought a farm. We worked hard to operate the farm and pay the loan.

Team Playas 2017

I also worked with a Spanish foundation, working in rural development with community development projects. Leo worked at the farm and every three months he taught at the Baptist Bible Institute where he graduated.

 In the beginning, we were very comfortable and thought that what we were doing was also service to God. But it really was not a 100% service, and we felt that God demanded more of us. God had prepared us not to be on a farm, but to teach the people the knowledge of Jesus Christ that grows the kingdom of God.

In these years we were not entirely far from TMI. Because Leo is the legal representative of Teen Missions in Ecuador (TME), he was always aware of the legal issues of the Mission. In the year 2016, my husband was more aware of some difficulties that Teen Missions had with the purchase of a property on the coast. We saw the need to return to Teen Missions in order for the ministry to continue in Ecuador. This ministry has been a great blessing for us and for many young people who are now pastors and missionaries who were trained at Teen Missions in Ecuador.

Ministry with children

Once again, I quit my job and Leo left the farm. In March 2017, along with our children Laura (12) and Samuel (7), we came to the base of Teen Missions in Playas, Villamil.

We thank God that our director, Robert Bland, has given us the opportunity to return to this ministry.  He still has hope in Ecuador. We also thank Lancaster Community Church from  Ohio, that has brought different groups from their church to work here at Teen Missions in Ecuador. We believe that God is going to do great things and that Teen Missions in Ecuador is the base of South America, and will impact the lives of the young people of these nations.

With the American team at the Equatorial Line

In July, we had our TME Boot Camp. We had just one team of twelve young people, but those few did a lot. The team worked on fencing the base property and worked in evangelizing in cooperation with two churches of Villamil, Playas. There were a total of 56 people who received Jesus Christ as their Savior. And above all, the lives of these young people were changed by the power of Jesus Christ.

We also had the blessing of having the North American Team, with their missionaries Richard and Gina Barber. Their team was part of the national camp. They were the judges on the Obstacle Course and were an example in work and in everything else for the young campers of Ecuador. The North American Team poured the floor of our auditorium—before, we had dirt and mud. Now, thanks to their work, we have a clean and beautiful floor.

Thank you to the American team for helping make this place beautiful!

At our base in Ecuador this year, we have had some great help from missionaries, Brett and Carly Moyer.  They have been a great blessing for this ministry. They worked at the base,  and together we started a ministry with the children of a community called “25 of July”, close to our base. There is a Baptist church there, but the pastor is old and his illness has left him blind. As he cannot attend the church, his members have dispersed, but his daughter Mercedes Carriel has been working with a group of children, and we are helping with the Bible school teaching with the flannelgraph and puppets. The children are very happy and like to participate. We are organizing a Christmas Choir and they are very excited, practicing every Sunday. We were also surprised on Sunday that adults came to Sunday School, so we now have to prepare the class for adults and young people. This makes us very happy because we see how this little church is coming back to LIFE. As His word says, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”. That is why we need to work—so that this ministry of Teen Missions continues preparing young people to serve the Lord. Today more than ever, we see that the coming of Christ is near.

You can also be part of this ministry, Teen Missions in Ecuador. Remember that missions are made with the feet of those who go, the knees of those who pray and the hands of those who give.

We greatly thank the people who help to keep this ministry here in Ecuador.

In Christ Jesus

Leonidas, Mirian, Shirley, Laury and Samuel Vásquez

John 12:26

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