Thomas & Jackie Kabwata Newsletter (Fall 2017)

Calvary Greetings from Zambia, 

We are very excited that we are able to update you on what’s going on with us, and how we constantly keep you in our prayers. It’s been a while since you heard from us and we would like to keep you posted on how we’re faring. Our schedule has been so demanding that we miss getting in touch with you on time.

A lot has been going on from January to December 2017, leaving us with no break or furlough. Thomas is keeping busy with Mr. Petersen coordinating the base and Bible school, handling all the projects and raising support. Currently we have the garden and poultry projects at the base. The gardens consist of cabbage, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and summer maize. The poultry consist of layers and local chickens which are underway and will be functional in a few weeks time. 

Florida staff and students praying over a container of clothes before it was sent

Our involvement in the BMW lecturing has always been a blessing to us. This term I am teaching Prophecy I and Thomas is teaching Synthesis (I Sam-Esther). We have 33 students attending our BIBLE MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center (BMW). We are thrilled that God still can count on us to train and equip young people both spiritually and with survival skills. Most of the students we have mentored over the years are now members of staff, doing Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM), taking care of our orphans (about 4000 out in the rural part of Zambia) and some are even giving lectures.

Unloading the container in Zambia

We are so grateful to God that He has been faithful to us. Thomas has also been working on renovating the dilapidated BMW classroom courtesy of Shiloh Christian Union Church, and work has reached 85% completion. We are also working on the construction of a staff house which will commence in November as the project for the Boot Camp home team. Right now we are distributing the Boot Camp forms which will comprise of eight teams. Thomas coordinates the Ndola Boot Camp and I (Jacqueline) run the kitchen. 

We are so excited this year that our daughter, who is now at University, will be leading a team. She’s been a team member for six times, now it’s her time to influence others and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

A group of doctors who came to help

This fruitful ministry wouldn’t be successful without your financial  and prayer support towards us and the ministry at large. You have no idea how many souls are touched and impacted. With you partnering with us our ministry is much less stressful, also. Our kids are in school and doing great—we’re very grateful for all the education support from Shiloh Christian Union. We can’t thank you enough for the good Lord who sees all you do for us and the ministry, will reward you abundantly. Thank you so much even much more for your prayers which are overwhelming—they mean heaven to us.


Prayer Requests

-Perfect Health

-Wisdom in His service

-Success of the coming Boot Camp

-More grace on Thomas and me

-Student’s welfare

-Ministry support


Praise Items-

-The quad rooms are earning us a return (retreat income)

-God’s faithfulness in our ministry

-Doug’s healing

-Education support


In His service,

Thomas, Jackie,

Neema (21yrs), Jessica (10yrs), Timothy (7yrs) Thomas Greg  Jr (3yrs)


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