The Lord Shapes Tina’s Life

Madagascar FlagMadagascar – Vangandraino
Tina was a girl from the south of Madagascar who attended Boot Camp at the south base and felt that BMW is good for her, so she came. However, she was transferred to the north base as she was the only female student. She is now on her second year here at North. She has such a willing heart to serve and to do whatever is asked. She came from a poor family but her family is supporting her very much. She only gets a little money about once or twice a year but it is amazing that she never complains and she doesn’t even seem to be bothered with that. She is valuing her study here so it is no wonder we see great spiritual growth in her. Usually students from South studying here in North  have culture difficulties, but Tina is adapting very much. We are happy for her and praising the Lord. We can’t wait to see her graduating and serving the Lord. The BMW program has trained her well and will shape her even more to be a missionary for Jesus.

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