Indiana & Ark Encounter

Indiana– America

Dates: June 16 – August 10, 2018

Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Work & Evangelism Team

Darkness is rapidly covering the United States of America and unless we take a stand, that darkness will continue to envelop the land. Stand in the gap, just like the prophet Isaiah, and be the light America so desperately needs. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on this life-changing and unforgettable team.

Travel: After Boot Camp training you travel by bus through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky to TTT Ministries in Evansville, Indiana.

Ministry: Frontline evangelism at the Tri-state County Fairs is an experience you won’t soon forget. Using a survey approach, you will share the Gospel with as many as you can at the county fairs in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. God will use you in amazing ways as you serve on the Indiana Fair Share team. You will also help spread God’s Word at churches in the area using drama, puppets, Bible stories and testimonies. Your work project time will be spent volunteering at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky.

Adventure: You will spend a day at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, where you will have the opportunity to ride roller coasters and water rides. You will visit the Lincoln Boyhood Home in Lincoln City, where you can see the family farm where Lincoln grew up. Visit the world-famous Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter and see an exhibition of when God created Adam and Eve, to the fall of man and the destruction of the world by flood. History will unfold before your eyes revealing God’s plan of salvation through Christ. You will be amazed as you experience the life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark, the world’s largest wooden structure!

Project Expense: $2590 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


Please note that the projects have been chosen up to a year before they are published. Therefore, projects can change, even at the last minute. Please come with a servant’s heart and be eager to do whatever the mission has a need for, regardless of what was specified. We have been invited back to many places because of our willingness to do whatever is needed. ALL teams are work teams in addition to the project listed. Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.

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Indiana Evangelism

“Before this trip, I never thought much about the type of impact that the people I meet at the fairs would have on me. Over the past three weeks, but especially in the last one, I have gotten to talk to so many amazing Christians from different walks of life. I’ve come in contact with convicts, fair owners, farmers, ministry leaders, and an assortment of others who all have stories about how Jesus has changed their lives. That has been a huge blessing for me and I know others on the team have had similar experiences. It is crazy cool how our God can orchestrate complete strangers from different parts of the country to meet at a county fair and encourage each other in faith. God is using this summer to change me and remind me of His unfailing goodness in a way I never anticipated, and I am so grateful for that!”

Hannah F. | 2017 Indiana Team


Hannah F. | 2017 Indiana Team

Indiana Adventure

“We spent one day at the Creation Museum, learning about the beginning! It was really neat to learn about the dinosaurs, Adam and Eve and about the flood. The next morning we headed off to The Ark Encounter. That was really awesome and it was so cool to see the different kinds of animals during that time era and how they have changed. It was awesome to learn about the flood around the world and what really happened with fossils and the tower of Babel and such. There are about 200 legends worldwide about the flood.”

Eli B. | 2017 Indiana Team


Eli B. | 2017 Indiana Team

Boot Camp Experience

“I am doing great at Boot Camp and things are challenging, but I am happy because I am with nice, cool people. There are some days it is hard, but most of the time I feel closer to God. I love all my team and try to encourage them that they can make it through Boot Camp. The thing that I like about Boot Camp is that it makes me stronger to have faith in God to spread His Word in other parts of the world.”

Joshua R. | 2017 Indiana Team


Joshua R. | 2017 Indiana Team

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