Navajo Camp Preteen

Arizona— North America

Dates: June 19 – July 27, 2018

Preteen Missions Trip (ages 10-12)

Work & Evangelism Team

Get ready to take a trip across the beautiful USA! Spend your summer in Flagstaff, Arizona, where you can make a difference at a youth camp by helping with needed improvements.

Travel: After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp in Florida, your team will bus over 2,000 miles across Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to your project site at El Nathan in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Ministry: Projects the team will be involved in include; laying landscape bricks around trees; digging trenches for an RV park septic system and also a trench for electrical and water lines. What a blessing it will be to share God’s Word at Vacation Bible Schools and camp meetings on the Navajo reservation. There will be opportunities to share the Gospel through puppets, music and testimonies.

Adventure: Visiting the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert will be exciting for your team! Sliding down the 80′ slippery chute at Slide Rock State Park, named as one of “America’s Top 10 Swimming Holes”, will be one of your fondest memories for years to come! Shopping for Native American handicrafts and turquoise will give you a lasting memory of your summer.

Project Expense: $2290 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


Please note that the projects have been chosen up to a year before they are published. Therefore, projects can change, even at the last minute. Please come with a servant’s heart and be eager to do whatever the mission has a need for, regardless of what was specified. We have been invited back to many places because of our willingness to do whatever is needed. ALL teams are work teams in addition to the project listed. Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.

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Navajo Reservation Adventure

“I have learned a lot here. God has shown me just how strong mentally and physically I am while working here. It has been an amazing experience meeting all the people and getting to know them personally. Getting closer with the team every day the more we work has been wonderful. God has been teaching me strength, patience, and the teamwork that goes into this.”

Annabelle H. | 2017 Navajo Reservation Team


Annabelle H. | 2017 Navajo Reservation Team

Navajo Reservation Highlights

“So far this summer I have learned how to lay forms for a sidewalk, how to sleep on a bus and eat lamb stomach and tongue. This summer I have also learned how to sing in Navajo and play native games. I personally have learned to grow closer to the Lord.”

Garrett G. | 2017 Navajo Reservation Team


Garrett G. | 2017 Navajo Reservation Team

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