San Andres Island

San Andres Island, Columbia— South America

Dates: June 16 – August 3, 2018

Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Work & Evangelism Team

Help renovate the only youth camp on San Andres Island, the largest of the Colombian islands in the Caribbean Sea, located off the coast of Nicaragua.

Travel: After your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and board a flight across the Straits of Florida, Cuba and the Caribbean Sea to Bogota, Colombia. A connecting flight takes you to the Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport. From the airport it is a short drive to the camp.

Ministry: Your project is to help renovate the camp buildings that have not been used for 25 years. The fact that you are giving a summer to work at the camp will allow other children to be able to enjoy the camp’s facilities in the future.

Adventure: While on San Andres you will have the opportunity to visit Old Point Regional Mangrove Park, a wildlife sanctuary with fiddler crabs, iguanas and birds.  You will take a boat trip out to the Johnny Cay Park, a coral island that has one of the best beaches in the archipelago, where you will spend your day with over 500 iguanas! Shop for souvenirs such as hammocks, blankets, jewelry and paintings.

Project Expense: $3090 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


Please note that the projects have been chosen up to a year before they are published. Therefore, projects can change, even at the last minute. Please come with a servant’s heart and be eager to do whatever the mission has a need for, regardless of what was specified. We have been invited back to many places because of our willingness to do whatever is needed. ALL teams are work teams in addition to the project listed. Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.

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Summer Experience

"I have learned so many work skills that I think will help me later in life.  I have heard so many stories and lessons.  My heart is open because of them.  I feel like I am closer to God every day.  This is the best summer of my life because I am serving other people.  I have learned that when you serve other people in God’s name, it not only makes others happy, it makes you happy too.”

Daniel R. | 2017 Navajo Reservation Team


Daniel R. | 2017 Navajo Reservation Team

Summer Highlights

"I’ve spent the last month and a half with 12 of the most amazing teammates I could have asked for. Together we have gone to six different villages, traveled Honduran rivers, and have grown closer to God. Between devotions every morning, hearing what other people have learned, and having chapel every night, I’ve been able to see God in a new way, which is pretty cool."

Kyrie T. | 2017 Honduras Team


Kyrie T. | 2017 Honduras Team

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