Life lessons from BMW






From Peach Kul 24 years old, a BMW student: First of all, I thank God Almighty

for calling  to study here as a BMW student. I’m very happy that God has given me the privilege to study once again. In my studying here I was facing many difficulties from the last five terms that I have been through and now it is my last term and still face many trials but  I’m still happy. 

First I’m very tired of working in this school, I learned how to work a lot but those experiences can help me also in the future. Second, I’m tired of studying because I study in the morning sometime in the afternoon and evening also and because I don’t like studying it is hard for me. But I thank God that through this school, I have learned to read the Bible every day and making me learn more about Him. I thank God for the one who created this school to give me the opportunity to study and my other friends as well. I have also the privilege to study and serve God through this school and have increased in my service for God. I have verses to encourage me always in Hebrews 13:5-6 and II Corinthians 12:9-10.

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