Tragedy of H.I.V. and AIDS for children

We greet you all with the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we give thanks to God for the love He has for us, we give thanks to you for the work which you are doing to keep the ministry moving on for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this week here in Koboko we have been going home to home of the orphans to visit them seeing how they are living in their homes. The most problem which we have found out is that most of the orphans who are affected by the H.I.V and AIDS. The problem is that almost all the parents of the orphans when they give birth to children infect them with the virus of H.I.V and AIDS. And being living in a poor state they cannot manage to protect their children. The orphans they are suffering from H.I.V and AIDS, the support which these orphans and street kids have is through NGO’s. If there is no support for the children their lives become hard and that is way they die  within the age of 10-20 years. That is the problem of the orphans they have here in Koboko.

Yours in Christ ODEA MOSES.

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