Boot Camp Update

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, we are grateful, we want say thank you for standing with us in prayer and we thank God for being with us this week. We started mowing the compound. We have finally registered the Team members and orientation in the different classes and activities 

went well. In this camp we have 9 leaders that are three on each team, because we have many students we cannot put all of them as leaders so we have created a team of leaders and their responsibilities. Members on the wall. Members arranging the books of the Bible from genesis to revelation.. Members in the Elijah’s chariot. One of the members jumping for the rope at the slough. With the leaders watching as the judges. A member passing through the needle’s eye. Members attending to the teacher during construction class and carpentry. The coordinator meets with the leaders during leaders meeting. Teen members attend morning classes with their leaders. We real thank you so much for this ministry and we pray that God will continue to give you more wisdom, knowledge, and vision for the ministry of Teen Missions International in Uganda thanks.

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