100 Trees For Malawi Base

100 Trees!

Josiah (former Malawi coordinator) had made some type of agreement with our South African neighbors so that when they had the chance they could give us some fruit and shade trees. They told me that now is a good time and they had 100 trees that they wanted to give us! Last week the BMW students were walking back and forth from their property carrying and pushing in wheelbarrows small trees for us to plant. As of now we picked up and planted about 60 trees! We are planting many of the fruit trees in the main campus here because we are close to the lake for water and for safety from animals like goats and cows. Now the only thing we 

have to guard the trees from are the monkeys. The monkeys are very enjoyable to watch but they are a pest when it comes to growing things! Many of the other trees are for shade and are being planted throughout the campus. Also along our dirt road. In a few years things will look very nice. Near the play ground that the preteen team built, Josiah had planted about 5 trees a few years back and they are already tall enough to provide very nice shade for when the kids are out there! 

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