Gayle Will Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Dear Ones –

Thank you for . . . .    the cards, the calls, the letters, the love gifts, and other expressions of love through the Christmas season and other times during the year.   

We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Amber and Jaxon visited in November and spent 10 days, through the Thanksgiving Holiday. This always makes the house full of laughter, giggles and lots of fun!  We spent Thanksgiving in Frisco with Kelly and Dawson Herrington, one of Steph’s best friends from High School in Merritt Island. They live about 45 minutes away.  My lil’ brother-in-law, Chuck, his beautiful wife, Cyndi (Redmond), and Angel, their adorable daughter, came to visit us the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  What a joy!  Craig had gotten us a very nice barbeque grill as a house-warming gift and Chuck was our official ”Grill Master”, grilling steaks for a Post-Thanksgiving Dinner. It was excellent!

Rock, my oldest son, Deb (both boys’ wives are Deb) and Ted are all living in Michigan as well as LeeAnn, my oldest granddaughter and her family!  Rock, Deb, Ted and actually, Lacy and I miss the warm Florida winters.  This may sound strange but what I miss besides our TMI family is the beautiful green grass in the winter! Last winter Steph said it was a really mild TEXAS winter here; now we know what she meant!  We haven’t had much snow, but we have had really cold temps and really cold winds.  So we are really looking forward to spring, seeing the trees bud and the grass turn green. It is certainly is evident God’s glory is all around us reminding us of “New Life”.  

Rock and Ted share their birthdays on January 10, and mine is on January 17.  We didn’t get to see each other but we called and talked on the phone.  I am so grateful for technology to stay in touch!  Steph took me out to dinner for my birthday and we ate way too much!  We had a great time together.  

I communicate with Craig through “Messenger” via Facebook.  To make calls out of the U.S. to Canada can get expensive, so Messenger has been an awesome tool for us to stay in contact with no cost.  Craig, Ashton and TJ came to Texas last year, and helped Steph do what we call our “Honey Do” list.  They were a great help, and they got to go fishing at Lake Texoma just a few miles away.  Craig came for another trip without the boys, and took Lacy fishing. They had gone together when she was a little girl.  She caught right back on to fishing, they had a great time, and we had a nice fish fry!  Craig, his Deb and their five kids had a wonderful Christmas dinner together.  After Christmas, their whole family got to go skiing and had a really fun time.  

Steph, Lacy and I went to the Christmas Eve Candle-Light Service at our church, then had a quiet Christmas and a wonderful dinner.  Lacy and Steph volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter in Denison aka: DAWG (Denison Animal Welfare Group).  Lacy covered Christmas shifts, so all of the cat volunteers could spend Christmas with their families.  We recently have been fostering two cats that are brothers.  There was an upper respiratory infection going through the cat room, and one of the brothers had to have an eye removed.  We decided he could heal much better and quicker in our sunroom.  That has been so much fun — they are AWESOME!  We already have two cats and two dogs.  We are praying about adopting our foster boys! 

I want to thank all of my prayer and financial supporters for your involvement in my life and ministry.  You are all very special and I pray God’s blessings on You!  Please see an updated prayer list below.

In His love and mine,

Gayle Will                       

Phil. 4:13,19


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