Kathy Vanderpool Newsletter (Winter 2018)

2015 Kathy VanderpoolDear Family and Friends,

A New Year has begun and I wonder what adventures await this year. It is a privilege that God is allowing me another year to serve here with Teen Missions. Thank you for being a part and making it possible for me to serve.

As we always take time to reflect back on the previous year, it is good to give thanks for what the Lord has done.

Sixteen Mustard Seeds, along with their guardians, arrived on June 14, 2017 to be greeted by the Court Jester and the Red Dragon. Moving into their tents, finding the areas where we would meet and receiving instructions for the camp occupied most of the morning. Their days began at 6:30, followed by breakfast and off we were for the day to learn about the Wordless Book, along with stories, memory verses, singing, crafts, snacks, games (such as slaying the dragon with bubbles), and visits from Queen Omega, who brought special puppets to share areas that would help us to improve in our lives according to God’s Word. In addition, five different missionary speakers came and told us about their country and what we can pray about. The Obstacle Course was run every morning and the winners were announced during Rally every evening. Miss Piggy came during the day to find out who had the cleanest tent and who needed to work on cleaning their tent. Of course, there was a daily swim to refresh us all. The day came to completion at the evening rallies where a special speaker shared from the Word of God. Then it was off to bed so we could start all over again the next day. Our final evening rally was the Commissioning Service where each of us got to light our candle saying that we are willing to be “knights of the light” and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. We don’t know what the future will hold for these little Mustard Seeds, but God used this camp to begin a work in their hearts to maybe one day be a missionary.

Then it was time for the teens and preteens to arrive. I had a different responsibility this year as  I was in charge of purchasing food for the Boot Camp. Sometimes there were daily runs, sometimes every other day and sometimes it involved most of the day. In between, I continued to work on the June wires, making sure that all the Overseas bases had their inventory for running their Boot Camps and any other needs that they had, overseas correspondence and any other things that I could help with.

Just before teens came back for Debrief, I was off to Madagascar for a month. We have put together a new finance system, another staff had gone in February/March to get the program in place and then I followed up on this trip. It is a blessing to be with our national staff, hear their stories and see what the Lord is doing in their lives and ministries. I did get a quick trip to our South base and that is a great adventure. Much is being accomplished, but the laborers are few.

The Sibanda family, our Zimbabwe base coordinators

From Madagascar I went to Zimbabwe. This is the first Bible Missionary and Work Training Center which started in 1989-90, The staff have been faithful and continue to faithfully serve the Lord through the difficulties they face as a nation. God continues to work in the lives of young people being trained to serve through our Motorcycle Sunday School Mission program. Many of their former team members are pastors, teachers and even in some governmental positions. Many, if not all, refer to Teen Missions as their foundation for their relationship with God. We did work on introducing the new finance program—it is the beginning and we will continue to work through the program. It will just take some time.

South Africa was the next stop and I spent time introducing the new finance system as well. Challenges are everywhere and we know that God will take care of all of the needs, but specifically we need to pray for laborers into the harvest.

I had the privilege to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Israel. They were spending six months helping at a Guest House right in the old city of Jerusalem. I volunteered with them in meal preparations and had some time to visit a few locations. My favorite was riding on a boat on the Sea of Galilee and just picturing in my mind that our Lord and Savior was here and did mighty miracles around this sea. His ministry not only took care of the needs of the people, but He was willing to spend time on this earth only for the end results to be His death for me and you that we might have eternal life and a purpose for life. What a wonderful Savior and a loving God!

We are now working on 2018 Boot Camps, keeping up with all the office responsibilities and looking forward to the adventure with God this year.

Thank you again for all your generosity so that I can continue to serve!

Because of Him,

Kathy Vanderpool

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