Rose Anyara Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Greetings to all my Friends and Family Members,

Happy New Year! I am grateful for all of your prayers and support.  I am called Anyara Rose and I am serving the Lord with Teen Missions Uganda in the eastern part of Uganda. I work at the Matron Unit, Nehemiah House, where I started serving in 2013. We keep girls at the unit who are ages 13 to 16 years. Most of these girls are orphans who came from the Telling the Truth (TTT) Rescue Unit, and most come from poor homes. We also receive girls around the community and some girls come from very far districts to the hostel. In the Nehemiah House we teach these girls many things such as Bible reading, prayer, how to cook, how to dig and many other things. 

We are very grateful for the Lord’s intervention. He has been faithful to us throughout this past year amidst many difficulties. There was drought and many girls didn’t come to the hostel—they didn’t have maize and beans to bring to the hostel because that is the food they eat. So the number of girls was down, but we managed to get seven girls.


We have problems in the area with getting clean water as there has been no rain, so people get water directly from the lake which is dirty. People bathe, wash clothes and use the lake for a bathroom. Also, animals drink from the same lake. The dangers of using lake also include are the snakes and getting diseases. Most of the times there is a strong current which capsizes boats and several people have died because of this. We also witnessed a neighbor boy who died after being bit by a snake in the lake. 

Testimony at the hostel

We always have morning and evening devotions with the girls on weekends and we share the Word of God. Three girls (Hurriet, Rose and Keturah) have given their lives to Christ and their parents are very happy. When they joined the hostel, they didn’t know anything about the Bible, prayer or praise and worship. They learned everything at the hostel and the Lord has totally transformed them. We have also seen the power of God’s healing. When the medicine has not been restocked I always encourage the girls to pray andbelieve God for healing. Hurriet has asthma, but the Lord has kept her in good health.  Her parents have asked what we do to Hurriet so that she does not have asthma attacks. I told them we pray to the almighty God!

Boot Camp 2017 and Debrief

I thank God who enabled me to participate in the Lord’s Boot Camp. I taught Maturity classes, the Mountain Series classes 1, 3, and 4. I preached and some teens gave their lives to Christ. We ended the Debrief well and many young teens were transformed.

We had one boy at Boot Camp, Joshua, who is now studying at the university. He was testifying how God is using him at the university. He took the notes from my teaching in the Maturity class and used those notes to teach others— those students were transformed!  He wrote me and expressed his appreciation for my teaching him. We give all the glory to God.

Mwiseneza Joshua is in Kampala International University in Uganda. He appreciated and said, “Long live Teen Missions International!”

Thank you for praying for me and supporting me in ministry. 

May Almighty God richly bless you!

Rose Anyara

Prayer Requests:

• Provision for funds to repair the grinding machines 

• Good health 

• Wisdom, knowledge and understanding 

• Protection and Salvations 


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