Seth & Emily Phippen Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Greeting from Malawi!

We have been busy the last few months! We started a new MSSM bicycle circuit. We built a staff house for four new staff and set up eight locations where these staff will ride to once per week to teach Sunday school which includes Bible lessons, Bible memory, quizzing, phonics and songs. This is a very remote village of Malawi and some locations can only be reached by bicycle.  When we began the building we had to walk about a mile to get water out of a very dry riverbed. Just last month we were able to drill a well for that new location and the surrounding neighboring villages. The are so grateful to have a well right there in the village. Our staff are there now sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  We are excited about all the Lord will do through our staff!

We were able to visit some of the orphan Rescue Units over Christmas time. The staff at all of our Rescue Units hosted a week-long Christmas camp for the orphans where they came and enjoyed games, Bible lessons, and good Malawian food. What a blessing this is for all the wonderful kids who came to these camps, knowing that they leave with smiling faces and full bellies.  We had a wonderful Christmas time remembering and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas Day we had a party here all our staff and students who are here in Chipoka. They served rice and a goat.  We also had soda and Emily made a cake. I shared a short message and then we ate and sang lots of songs. In Malawi that means loud singing and drums and lots of dancing.   

Lauren loves all the staff kids and playing with them. She loves watching goats and cows out the back window of our house and while we are driving. She is growing every day and trying to keep up with big brother James. Lots of new words, new teeth and potty training!

James is our little explorer and loves jumping in mud puddles with his rubber boots and rain jacket. He has started to learn how to read books and loves it. He loves memorizing verses and coloring. He has great friends who are kids of the Teen Missions staff here in Chipoka.

Emily had malaria again in November, but got over it a lot quicker this time around. Praise the Lord! She is busy with the kids and helping keep up with all the finance work here. I am still busy handling all the different aspects of Teen Missions here. I have many things to keep up with and have to solve any issues that come up.

We are still looking for financial supporters to partner with us in our ministry work here in Malawi. We would like to  reach our goal of $1200 monthly.   We are at about 75% and would like to be 100% fully supported by May of 2018. If you are not currently supporting us, would you prayerfully consider becoming a financial donor the year of 2018?

We are so grateful for all your loving prayers and support. May God bless you this year of 2018 as we faithfully serve Him together.

In Christ, 

Seth, Emily, James, & Lauren Phippen

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