…they proposed in their heart to finish

The project time was a very strong time for this small team. The first week of the project, the national team worked together with the  American team on the concrete floor foundation, but their project was to construct the wire fence on the Property of TMIE a total of 1000 mts. of wire fence. The most difficult thing for them was to work under a hugging sun.  Making holes in a very arid land, where they had to carry water to soak the earth. And to make their way through a jungle of thorn trees, make a hole, bury the pole and put wire. The young people say that at first they looked at the work and it was very difficult and they thought that they did not have the will to finish, but they proposed in their heart to finish the fence and they did it with the help of God and they say now in their report: (We felt very happy when we saw that could finish the fence).
As it was a team of work and evangelism. Evangelism was coordinated with 2 Beach Churches.
It was evangelizing house to house, 3 afternoons with the Baptist church and 3 afternoons with the Church of God  working with us. A total of 56 people received Jesus Christ as their Savior and these 2 local churches will continue the work of discipleship of these people.

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