Amanda Evans Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Enjoying my Christmas present!

Hey Family and Friends,

Happy New year; 2018!! I was able to visit my family for most of my deputation/vacation. I had a great time spending time with friends and family and relaxing. I’m glad to have had this time. We have been back to work since January 3rd. There is over 350 registered for the summer. I have been very busy mailing out the “End Of Year Receipts” for tax season and mailing out the staff newsletters. We will be soon start working outside to get things ready for the Mud Run on May 5th and the preparation needed for Boot Camp.

As of right now, I will be leading the Honduras team this summer; which has 15 kids on the team. We will be flying into San Pedro Sula and then will take a two-hour bus ride to the Teen Missions base near the town of San Isidro. After repacking, we will bus to the coast, traveling through palm oil plantations along sandy beaches, and across multiple rivers on rafts, before completing our journey by motorized canoe to our project site in Cocobila. The team will be sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ through puppets, music and games as the team will be playing with the kids. When we are not on the boat, we will be working at the new BMW that TMI is opening in La Mosquitia. For the second half of the summer, we will return to the main base near Santa Cruz de Yojoa. We will help continue paving a roadway so the vehicles don’t get stuck in the mud on their way up to the base. We will also have evangelism opportunities in nearby parks, soccer fields and bilingual schools. To go on this team, I need to raise $1200. If you are able to help with this financial need, please fill out the coupon on the bottom and mail it to the Teen MIssions office. Please indicate it is for my Honduras trip. You can also donate electronically through the website: Again, please indicate it is for my summer team.

My nephew Jamen

Recently my roommate and I found out we have to move out of our house due to some different problems with the house. So my address now will be 218 Heavenly St.

Now the subject I find the most difficult to talk about; financial support. I’m letting you guys know because you are part of my mission team. My monthly support has dropped low enough that I struggle to meet my basic needs. I know some of you may not be able to help support me financially, but you can pray that God will raise up new supporters for me. If you want to join my support team, you can fill out the coupon below and return it to Teen Missions.

Before closing, I want to thank everyone that supports me in prayer and financially through monthly and through one-time gifts. I couldn’t do this without you all.  I am especially thankful for a good Christmas with some generous one-time gifts.  

Amanda Evans

Hebrews 13:5,6


The doctor bill that was from when I was in the hospital in 2016 with Malaria is PAID OFF!! 


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