Jason & Karen Shrock Newsletter (Winter 2018)

With the King of Swaziland and Jack & Carol

We did a trip in November to Swaziland for Karen’s birthday. We have a dear friend from our home area of Fort Wayne who is a missionary there. We have always wanted to go, so went to see Jack and Carol. It was amazing to see the green lush mountains. Although the Shrocks did bring the weather—while there the clouds rolled in and it began to hail. There was so much that the ground was white and it looked like it snowed. We lost power and had a beautiful candlelit dinner. It was a true time of refreshment and we enjoyed visiting. Even Jolie didn’t mind just hanging out with us old people!

Leader Training and Happy Birthday to Mr. Bland, Teen Missions Director, and Shiluba in the denim skirt.

“Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!” We got the river pump installed November 23, but then we found that our aluminum frame for the floats was stolen and then we had problems with the pipe to the river leaking. Jason was able to make a float and replaced the pipe and got it up and running January 2nd and then one week later the foot valve was stolen. Our base has also struggled with our borehole pumps(wells). On November 5th we found that we had no drinking water, but with rations and fixed pipes we made it through. Then on December 16th, when we were in the middle of camp, we again had no drinking water, so we had to buy water from three trucks to supply our camp. On January 9th, a transformer blew up and our main well pump burnt up so water is currently low and we are rationing how much we use. We still have a small borehole working, but water is always an issue and it seems like we are always taking one step forward and two steps back.

We will climb that wall with the help of our friends (Obstacle Course)

December was two words BOOT CAMP! With the help of some great volunteers we trained 14 leaders the first week. The Lord provided a huge donation of carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, squash and corn which was great because we haven’t been able to plant a garden because of pump issues. Seventy-six teenagers arrived on December 9th and we had a girl faint from the heat on the first day. The second day another girl fainted, but on the third day the salvations started happening. By the fourth day we were up to 13 salvations from the youth. Then on the fifth day we started seeing snakes, which we have never had at Boot Camp. So after the fifth snake we knew we were definitely in a battle spiritually and physically. After a week of camp we ran totally out of water and had to buy three trucks of water to finish camp. But finish we did with 19 salvations and no snake bites!

Then after everyone was trained, the teams were transported out to four different locations. We had four teams that did projects like put windows in a church building, a fence around a church, blessed people in a hospice, cleaned gogos (grannies) yards, and did MSSM (children’s ministry). All the teams did evangelism whether it be through soccer, clowning, door-to-door, puppets and singing at malls, or running a holiday club (Vacation Bible School). Here are some stories from the teenagers.

We will shout “He Is Risen!” (Jesus’ tomb on the OC)

Abraham Team – “We found a traditional healer (witch doctor) and we seated(sat) with her and shared the Word of God, through Christ and the traditional healer (female) started to be excited about knowing the Truth of God and the amazing part she even asked for the memory pack (40 Bible verses the youth memorize) so that she can be learning the Word of God!”

Sarah Team – “We found a man fixing a car and we shared a Word each and every person which was in the group. He was so blessed and started crying and asked if we are able to pray for him. We prayed for him and started to tell us that he will start to go to church and serve God and live for God and we pray for God to intervene in his life. We thank God for everything He has done for the team.”

Thank you Brimfield Church for the beautiful blankets and dresses. The MSSM children at Masakhane had a great Christmas!

Moses Team – “One of best moments we had was when we went to visit the Old Age Home(hospice). We cooked for them and cleaned their rooms etc. This experience taught us to be grateful for what we have at the present time.”

David Team – “We were given a project of fencing the church and during the first day we came across a snake (Cape Cobra) while working. To be honest it was a bit tricky because at the beginning everybody was discouraged hence we all had no experience on building a fence but with God’s grace we were able to complete the project in three days.”

Abraham Team sharing the Wordless Bracelet at the Pyramid location before MSSM

The Abraham Team returned to the base early so they helped do MSSM for two weeks. The week after Christmas they passed out donated toys, dresses and blankets to the children. The team was so shocked to see children living with very little food and no water supply at one location.

January brought the teams back to our base for Debrief. We celebrated 64 salvations, $173 raised for AIDS Orphans and 13 youth who Bridged the Gap, committing their lives full-time to the Lord’s service! We then took a short breather as a family and got away to Johannesburg for some fun. But we still had interviews to do for our school and the BMW Term started January 21 with five students, two interns and one volunteer.

Thank you for your prayers and support that with the good Lord’s help have brought us this far (II Samuel 7:18).

Happy New Year!

Jason, Karen, Joy & Jolie

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +2783-280-6704


• 64 salvations from Boot Camp and project evangelism

• Jenn will have grandbaby #4 in March! Pray for healthy mom & baby and easy delivery

• BMW Term 4 is up and going with great volunteer teachers

BMW graduation with Kwame, Tebogo and Elizabeth. Shrocks in their Swazi attire.

Prayer Requests:

• Pray we win the fight with water both for drinking and watering our garden and landscaping

• Karen’s dad, Hugh, needs healing for heart issues and strength for Karen’s mom, Joyce

• Continue to pray for our intern, Ester, for healing from lupus

• Karen’s unpaid hospital and doctors bills are over $10,000 so please pray for God’s provision

• Joy is doing online school and living with Jason’s

Are you thirsty for God this year?

parents, but she is still struggling

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