Nelson & Maggie Chimbila Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Greeting from Jinja, East Africa, Uganda!

We have made Uganda our home now and it has been six years since we left Zambia. A lot has happened in six years and we have seen the faithfulness of our God. We thank God for His guidance, protection and provision. Last year (2017) was concluded by a visit from U.S office Staff members, Papa Thomas Maher and Gogo Linda Maher—thank you very much for your visit! The children still remember those Saturdays you took us to eat at Ozzie’s, Oh, it was so much fun and refreshing! We say thank you again. We want thank our supporters for your commitment to support us a family and Teen Missions Uganda. May the LORD continue to bless you. Thank you for your faithfulness and we know that God will reward for sure.

We just concluded our 2017-2018 LORD’s Boot Camp and we had three teams with nine Leaders and 49 team members. One team stayed at the base and worked on our gardens, preparing the ground for the next planting season; they also went for evangelism and were evangelized. The second team went to Iganga to fence in a school. The third team went to Mabira forest and this was an evangelism team. Ninety-seven received Jesus as their personal Savior,  including three Muslims!  At Boot Camp this year, we graduated seven students and commissioned 11 students.  Praise the Lord!

Currently, the BMW school is on break.  The students are not in class but we are working seven hours a day five days a week in the gardens, around the grounds and continuing with our evangelism outreaches.  Our students are mostly from Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and a few from Uganda. We said, no, to students wanting to come from Kenya and Buruendi, because they contacted us a bit late and we knew we were going to be full in our BMW. 

Latest on our family—some of you already know our children, but let me introduce them again. Our first born is Promise and she is nine years old and in 4th grade. Our second born is Praise. He is in 2th grade and is seven years old. While we have been here in Uganda, the LORD blessed us with a baby girl, Precious, and she is three years old and this year she is going the baby class. All our children are at same school and per term we pay $600.00 USD for all the three and for a year it comes to $1,800 per year. We are asking for help in this area. Once again, thank you very much for supporting us.

In Christ, 

Nelson, Maggie

Promise, Praise and Precious

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