Paul & Beth Kostner Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Dear Friends, Family and Former Team Members,

The Christmas holiday season has come and gone. We had a wonderful holiday. Once again, we decided to stay home. The weather was great and it was fun to be together as a family again. Lindsay was back for a few days, Colton stopped by frequently, BJ was out of school and did not have any soccer games and Danae was home from Wheaton! We did take a short trip up to Georgia to see my mother. My father passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 17th and this has been a hard time for her. They were married 63 years. She seems to be adjusting well, but the loneliness has been great. Please pray for peace and comfort for her.

We are back at work and getting ready for this coming summer of ministry. As of today, we have over 350 registrations for our 2018 teams. We are still slated to lead the Fiji team which has 25 team members. We are very excited about the team and project!

I am continuing to recover from my surgery. I finished my Physical Therapy right before Christmas. Both the doctor and therapist were very pleased with my progress. Then I had a visitor called “Plantar Faciitis” and it has been a bear! Needless to say, I slacked off on my exercises during the holidays. There were days when I could hardly walk. I just went back to see the surgeon this week and he was not pleased. I have “regressed” and have been diagnosed with “Arthrofibrosis”. I will be starting PT again next week for four weeks and have ordered a special pair of shoes for the pain in my feet. Please pray for good results with my PT (increased flexion and extension) and that the Plantar Faciitis will resolve.

Danae continues to do well at Wheaton. She is now a “first semester Junior”. She is loving everything about Wheaton EXCEPT the cold weather! There were no additional scholarships available for her for the second semester, but has been told she is on the “short list” for the Fall. The Lord has graciously supplied the funds she needed for the second semester! She continues to work in their mailroom and also does babysitting as much as possible. At this time, she is not planning on leading a team (but that can change…). She is planning on coming home this summer and working to help with expenses next Fall. Please pray for wisdom concerning her summer plans and that if she is to be home, that she will be able to get a job(s). Please pray for increased financial aid in the Fall. And please pray for health and safety while at school.

Colton continues to work full time at Sabarros and is going to school full time, taking film classes. He is still looking for a more reliable vehicle and has gone almost two months without any required repairs on his 1993 Honda! We sure miss him living at home, but he is enjoying “adulting”. He turned 21 this month—hard to believe! Please pray for health and safety for him, that he will find a reasonably priced reliable vehicle and that He will continue to allow the Lord to direct his steps for the future.

BJ is coming towards the end of his senior year of high school soccer. There are 17 seniors on the boys’ team and he is one of the two captains. They are doing very well, with the only losses coming from top teams in the state. They are hoping to go to the State Finals again this year and they are working hard on that goal. He is doing VERY well in school (I promised not to bug him about grades this year…) and had all As and only one B the first semester. He has committed to attend Bryan College in the Fall where he will study engineering and play soccer. We are still waiting on his scholarship offer and financial aide package. He is planning on staying home this summer in order to prepare for college soccer and to work to save money for college. Please pray for health and safety as he finishes his last year of high school soccer. Please pray for a good financial aide package from Bryan. Also, please pray that he finishes strong in high school.

Lindsay continues to work as a social worker in Murfreesboro. Recently the DCS attorneys voted her “best case manager” of all the social services workers in her office. They said she was always organized, prepared for court, and knew her cases thoroughly. She was presented the award in front of all the team supervisors, the team coordinator of the office where she works and regional administrators! Needless to say, we are very proud of her. Her contract will be completed in September. She loves her co-workers and the children so much, but the hours are long.  Please pray for her future decisions as to whether she is to stay or move on.

Since we will be “empty nesters” in the Fall, we decided to adopt again. Paul has been wanting a Great Dane for quite some time and we “adopted” two year old, Sadie, right before Christmas. She is a typical Dane—a lover and a couch potato. She is a very sweet girl and we are enjoying her tremendously. She loves walks and we are frequent visitors at the local park.

Paul continues to juggle his many hats here at the office. He will be going to Puerto Rico in the near future to set up the 2018 summer team. Please pray for wisdom in all of his dealings with people and decisions he has to make.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying for us and supporting us financially. We know we couldn’t do it without you! You are a vital part of our ministry, and we are grateful for the sacrifices you are making for us to be able to serve here. THANK YOU!

In Christ,

Paul, Beth, Colton, Danae and BJ Kostner

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