Bob & Betty Lane Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Celebrating at the staff Christmas party

Dear Family and Friends,

Betty and I greet you in the blessed name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Without Jesus, life has no purpose. We realize it is late, but Betty and I want to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

I miss the good old days

We had hoped that 2017 would end well as Betty was recovering from her broken hip. This was not to be—Wham! We were rear ended as we sat behind several cars waiting at a light. According to the police, the car that hit us was going  50 – 60 miles per hour. The lady hit us so hard that it totaled our truck, pushed us forward into the car in front of us, and zoomed past us another 100 feet. The accident happened on December 9th while we were on our way to Tampa for our annual family party.  Betty and I were taken to the hospital. Betty sustained a broken sternum, bruised left

Granddaughter and great grandchildren

arm and breast, and her sciatic nerve is pinched in the lower back causing pain down both legs. They also found a bruise on her heart. She took a hard jerk in her seat belt. Thank God I didn’t have any broken bones, but bruises on my neck and shoulders, left hip and right knee. Some mornings it feels like my entire body is in pain. I am thankful that it did not do any harm to my neck surgery I had in August. Betty and I are also thankful that we were in the pickup and not our car; the truck is much stronger. It is hard to understand why things happen, but we know God was with us as He always has been in all of our travels throughout the world—forty-two blessed years. We are thankful our grandson did not get hurt. Betty and I are very thankful for your prayers, cards and the meals. It is very encouraging. 


So, we are starting 2018 on our road to recovery—one day at a time. We are in therapy twice a week, that’s all that can be done at this time—except pain meds.

Enjoying her presents

I go to the Teen Missions Board Meeting once a month. Our daughter stays with Betty while I am away. 

I can’t do too much , so I planted some seeds for my garden and I am back in the kitchen doing the cooking. Not my favorite job—Betty is so much better at it.  I am trying to learn to paint. No, not the house, but the canvas. I watch Bob Ross and other painters on television. They can make it look so easy.

Enjoying their Christmas presents!

We have a stalk of bananas on our tree. We are hoping the cold weather doesn’t kill them. There were a few days in the 30’s, but the sun came out and warmed us up. That’s why I like living in Florida, it doesn’t stay cold very long. 


We had a nice Christmas at our home. All of our children, most of our grandchildren and great grandchildren and one niece, Sheri, from California came to see us. It was a very nice visit. Our granddaughter gave us a phone for Christmas so we are able to hear from friends from all over the world. We have also heard from Former Team Members who were in Teen Missions Boot Camp in Ukraine and are now living in the States. Rachel, one of our special team members, was trying to visit us. She went to Ukraine with us and then joined for two years as a leader. God is so good. 

Helping Brennan with homework

I just told Betty that I am feeling a lot like Job. A spot came up on my forehead; it was cancerous so the doctor had to remove it. She had to remove the stitches to remove more skin. Two days later it became infected, so now I am being treated for the infection. Wow, there was a lot of pain and my eyes even swelled up. 

Gabby feeing her brother Gavin

Betty started injections in her spine, four injections along each side of her spine. The next injection will be in two weeks and two weeks later another round of injections. It is called therapeutic nerve block.

Once Betty gets better, I will have surgery on my right knee. What next? 

We do sincerely want to thank you for your prayers for Betty and myself. We are staying strong, but the pain does get tiring.

Granddaughter and great

Please pray for healing and salvation for family members. 

Love to all,

Bob and Betty Lane

Helping decorate the tree

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