Mike & Michelle Myers Newsletter (Winter 2018)

A big “Hello” to our Family, Friends, Church and Former Teammates!

2018 has just begun and already it has been very eventful.  Two weeks in to the New Year, the cruel and terrible flu entered our home.  It was unkind to all of us, and spared no one when it came to choosing its victims.  I am not sure that I have ever experienced anything like it!  We have been to the doctor and the pharmacy more this past January than we have been in an entire year.  After a two-week battle, it was mostly gone, with myself the only one left with “that cold” that would not go away.  I am grateful that Mike and I fared the worst, sparing our children the most ruthless aspects of the illness.  

Gabriel is 3!

Irma’s wrath this past September reminded us once again that our roof needed replacing.  We decided to swap it out for a new one first thing in the New Year.  Boy, are we are glad we did not have to put it off for another year!  Underneath it was in pretty bad shape.  Mike had to make a lot of repairs that he was not planning for.  The entire flat section had to have all its plywood replaced as not an inch of it was still good.  The main body of the roof had less rot, but still needed quite a bit of maintenance.  Taking the old roof off was a much harder task than anyone had originally expected.  There was tar in places there shouldn’t have been and many old nails that did not want to lose their grip from the wood to which they had clung to for over twenty years.  The guys who came to help Mike were unfaltering in their decision that our home is built like a tank, a worn out tank.  We are grateful to the many friends who worked tirelessly alongside Mike to help him get the job done.  God really showed His goodness to us through the many people who gave of their finances and/or time to help re-roof our home.  The love and support we were given is overwhelming.       

Isabelle is 10!

Looking ahead, Boot Camp does not seem to be very far away.  We are planning on leading the Mexico Team this summer.  We will partner with Camp Porvenir, located two hours outside the city of Merida along a three-mile stretch of beach next to the Gulf Coast. We will be cleaning up the camp, repairing damaged buildings, and demolishing irreparable buildings that have been damaged by hurricanes and earthquakes that have hit the area.  Mexico was pummeled by many natural disasters last year and we know that the need is great.  When people are desperate, crime levels often increase.  We are very aware of the State Department’s recommendation to exercise “increased caution” in Mexico because of widespread homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery. (Teen Missions will be keeping in touch with our missionaries to assess the situation.) We are asking Him to safeguard each step we take and to shield us from the eyes of any who would seek to do harm.  We have much anticipation for the ministry opportunities the Lord has in store for us, both to the people we will come in contact with once we are there and to our team as well.   Please pray for us and our team.  Pray that our walks with the Lord will deepen and that we will emerge from the summer somewhat different than we are before our summer adventure begins.  May we sing a little louder, smile a little bigger, and see and understand so much more about our awesome God.  May this be a life-altering and life-impacting adventure!  

Isabelle placed third at her school’s Science Fair.  She tested what affect visual and auditory information has on short term memory.

We are so happy to be serving the Lord with Teen Missions, and we hope this joy comes through to you in our newsletters.  We could not be here without your continued support, both prayer and financial.  We praise the Lord for His goodness to us in that He has surrounded us with such faithful friends and family!  We are humbled daily by His continued provision in our lives and ministry.  

Serving Together,

Mike, Michelle, Kenya, Isabelle, Lily, and Gabriel

~Mike will be traveling to Tucson for a Missions Festival in February.  Please pray for him and the many engagements he will have over the six days he will be gone.  And pray for the kids and me because Mike will be gone!!  We are very excited for the opportunity he has to visit friends and family and participate in the festival, but the days are long when we are apart.

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