Timothy & Christi Chaffee Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Greetings Family and Friends,

We hope you have had a joyful Christmas season. Plenty continues to transpire that we would like to share with you. Rebekah enjoys singing and dancing throughout our living room. David looks forward to riding the school bus and will repeat “school bus” while waiting for it to arrive. He also enjoys learning letter sounds through an alphabet song. Brielle enjoys being mobile. She recently took her first steps and said the word “yay”. Christi has been frequenting the library lately and reading in some of her downtime and I continue blacksmithing on my lunch breaks.c

Personal Involvement

Since the beginning of this year, my responsibility in the Video Department has grown again to include training others in the Video Department. Christi is still on maternity leave, but as our youngest is about to turn one, she intends to bring Brielle with her once a week and serve where needed – probably completing miscellaneous tasks. 

Upcoming Summer

Due to having three young children, Christi will not be leading a team this year. They will accompany me as “family members”. This will give Christi more of an idea of what is involved, in addition to giving our children experience with a team setting. If you are interested in supporting them financially, please fill out the coupon enclosed in this letter. 

I’ve been asked to serve as a head leader on the Ecuador Teen Team. The project will include building a multi-purpose pavilion, which will be used for Boot Camp rallies and classes along with future Bible, Missionary and Work (BMW) studies. The team may have the opportunity to help harvest the crops that are grown at the base and will share the Gospel through music and testimonies at the local churches.

Summer Testimony

Caleb, from last year’s Ecuador team, shared, “Ecuador is a beautiful country. Every morning I wake up at 6 am and see the sun rise and hear the birds singing. We are laying concrete here, and though I don’t see immediate progress other than a floor, I know that in the future many Ecuadorian teens will have the opportunity to learn about Jesus here. It hasn’t been easy, the work is hard and sometimes there’s some drama rolling around, but I really see God working in many lives and teaching us.”

Overseas Testimony

Just as each summer team member from the United States and Canada participate in Boot Camp before going to their ministry project, the same preparation takes place at our overseas bases. This testimonial from Zambia reminds us how God is working in the lives of teenagers overseas and how He is using their willingness to serve to benefit the kingdom of God. “Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Reporting on Boot Camp. There have been 13 salvations. We have 23 Leaders and 89 team members for four  teams. This past week we have been training the teams in all their Boot Camp classes. We have also been working on the upcoming Mansa Bible, Missionary and Work (BMW) classroom. The attached picture is how far we have come on it. We have team members building the trusses during carpentry class and team members building the classroom during block-laying classes. We also plan to build the toilets and bathrooms for the students, God willing. This coming week we plan to continue teaching all the Boot Camp classes, as well as buy the teams’ project food. We will commission and send teams to their project sites.  We had team members who had malaria and have been treated. We ask for your prayers in the following areas: salvations, spiritual growth and safety on the roads.”

As always, thank you for all of your prayers and support!

In Christ,

The Chaffee’s




• David has begun speech/language therapy and occupational therapy in mid-October – due to being developmentally off track in areas. David’s using more words and short sentences appropriately.

• Praise for our new supporter!

Prayer Requests

• Continued support of Teen Missions and our family.

• David as he sees an ophthalmologist on February 2 – due to a wandering eye. David also prefers viewing things within close proximity.

• Rebekah as she is presenting less effort with her schooling and she is working below grade level in reading. Her school has contacted us regarding a progress monitoring plan for special instruction/support. She is also displaying behavioral problems through rebellion to those in authority.

• Me as I have been asked to lead the Ecuador teen team

• Christi and our children as they will be going to Ecuador as family members. Also, please pray for the needed financial support ($3280) in order to go.

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