Canaan Bobb Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. It was great to see many of you on my recent visit to Ohio. Things have been going well here at Teen Missions. My department has been working on renovating two dorm rooms for the past few months. Recently most of the work has been tiling. Also we started preparing for the AIDS Orphans Mud Run in May. Because of Hurricane Irma, there is a lot of work to do clearing the paths. We also have to set up the course and do promotions. It’s a lot of work, but it brings in a lot of money for the AIDS Orphans and Street Children ministry. 

The staff here recently had a spiritual emphasis week. Dr. Steve Carter from Answers in Genesis, came and spoke about creation vs. evolution. Dr. Carter is in charge of the volunteers at the ARK Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky. If you haven’t been you should try to visit. It’s very impressive!  The Ark Encounter is a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark. The inside has many displays about how it was built, how they would’ve taken care of the animals and many other things.


As I said earlier, we have the Mud Run coming up in May. Most of our work from now until then will be Mud Run related. We have even less people in our department than last year so it will be a lot of work. I have also been assigned to the Ecuador Preteen team. It will be my first time as a head leader and I’m very excited. We will be visiting the Teen Missions base in Playas where we will work on the property getting it ready for the Ecuadorean Boot Camp. Mom and Dad will be leading the teen team to Bethlehem where they will work at a school there. I’m a little jealous because I’ve always wanted to visit the Holy Land. I am also going to try to go to Malawi for a year starting next winter. There are lots of opportunities for me to help there like working at the Chipoka, Mangochi and Rumphi Bible schools, helping at Rescue Units, well drilling and so much more.


Dad is almost fully recovered from his back surgery and is now able to do his everyday work. Mom is doing well as the new head of Personnel. She had the same job before she became the BMW Coordinator. Madison and Zoe are doing well in school and Madison is getting ready to visit Asbury. She intends to go there in the fall. We all had a chance to visit Taylor and Wes over the holidays at their home in Lexington. They are doing well.

Thanks again,

Canaan Bobb


Prayer Requests:

That the Mud Run will once again be a success

Everyone will be able to raise enough money for their summer teams

The summer teams will go well

God will bless the work of Teen Missions all over the world

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