Bob Bland Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Dear Family and Friends,  

The new year has begun with a bang—lots of activity at the overseas bases and the U.S.A.  Here at the Florida base, we have 10 volunteer men and women working a variety of jobs. Some ladies are sewing and have made the cloth tops for our covered wagon cars and both the men and ladies built the cow cars for the new Mustard Seed trains for Boot Camp.  The men are also helping with Boot Camp repair and welding. 

The Tabernacle that was blown down here at Boot Camp by Hurricane Irma is being repaired, and we expect it to be back up and open for tours in April. The other two Tabernacles are going to be set up at Cibolo Baptist Church in Cibolo, Texas and at Jericho Hills Christian Union Camp grounds in Lucas, Iowa.

The fourth Tabernacle is being built now at our base in Pretoria, South Africa. Eivind and Carol Bray are going this month (February) and will try to have the Tabernacle completed by summer. We have a teen team going this summer to help get it ready for tours starting in September. At that time we plan, Lord willing, to be sharing Christ at all four Tabernacles.

Heavy Launch

The staff were blessed last Tuesday, February 6, to watch the heavy launch Falcon 9 vehicle. It is the biggest rocket in the world. The Space Shuttle had three engines. The Falcon 9 rocket has nine engines. The heavy lift vehicle is three Falcon 9’s fastened together which means it has 27 engines on it. Needless to say it made a roar when it took off. The plan was to have all three boosters of the Falcon 9 rocket come back to earth and land here at the Space Center. We could see the rockets coming back about nine minutes after it was launched. They are designed to come back and land standing straight up. Two of them were within one foot of the target area where they were to land. The one that was to land on a barge in the ocean missed its mark just slightly. When they come back, each rocket makes a double sonic boom. We really enjoyed watching it all. It is not a manned launch, but they did have a Tesla electric car in the nose of the rocket. They were sending it up to go around Mars. The idea of the heavy rocket is testing in preparation for sending a rocket to Mars in the future.


We have had several visitors come in February. It has been very cold up north so many come down to the warmth. We had a national guy here from India. He is the grandson of the man whom we started the work with in India in the 70’s. This was before he was born, but we have had Boot Camps there and this young man, Nathanael, was saved at the Indian Boot Camp. He has always wanted to come and see the Florida base and meet us. It was a joy to have him here. He was greatly impressed with the things here and around the world. We took him through the display room. Also we had Glenn and Michelle Gingrich here. They were on staff in the 1980s and it was good to see them again. 


We just shipped a 20’ container to Zambia. It was loaded mostly with clothes, and we had some Calmoseptine as well. We are loading another one right now with clothes, blankets and Calmoseptine, which we hope to send to Mansa, Zambia. We have two other containers here, but it costs about $13,000 to buy and ship one so we may have to wait until after the summer Boot Camp to send them.


We are starting a couple of new BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Centers (BMW). One is in La Mosquitia in Honduras. Honduras, as well as most of South and Central America is Spanish, but in this area are African people, so therefore African culture. They have a totally different language and don’t speak Spanish. We purchased a Bible School there that some people had and closed. It is on the coast. There are five major rivers and practically no roads. Almost all travel is by river.  We have one circuit of six Sunday Schools operating via motor boat there now, and the BMW is scheduled to start February 12, 2018.  We hope to train Circuit Riders and a circuit or two on each of the five rivers.  The other two new BMWs are in Zambia.  One in Mansa and one in Wangibisha.  

Pray For Cambodia

Please pray for Cambodia. We have one full-time office staff there, Nelly. Nelly is a graduate from the BMW in the Philippines. She went to Cambodia to run the work. We also have an Indonesian staff there who does construction. We are running two Bible Schools in different areas of the country. I don’t know how Nelly keeps up with it and keeps things going. To this day I have not heard one complaint from her. What a blessing she is! We are working on getting people for Cambodia. Thomas and Julie Clyde, who served their internship there, have agreed to return to Cambodia in September, so there is help coming. 

Sonrise Matron’s Unit In Malawi

Sonrise Matron’s Unit in Malawi is flooded. They have had no rain for some time and the Lord sent the rain. They told me the water is covering the floor of the Tabernacle pavillion. The girls have gone to the school near the Matron’s unit for safety. So pray for them and thank the Lord for the rain. 


The number of Canadians involved in our Boot Camp has decreased, as we only have one staff couple up there at this time.  Todd and Rosemary have three children and one on the way. So we have asked Linda Evans, who heads up MAD Mothers, if she would consider going to Canada to help there. We would like to get more Canadian kids. She has agreed to go March 1-June 1. So pray for Linda as she goes there and that we can recruit more Canadian kids for the summer programs and BMW.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  The Lord is doing great things through the ministries of Teen Missions, AOSC and MSSM and you are a big part of that.

In Christ,

Robert Bland

Hebrews 13:8


  1. Good Afternoon TMI,
    What joyful memories I have of the 3 summer teams I served on. 75’Florida Work, 77′ Merida Mexico, 78″ Daldorch Scotland w/Bob Bland. I had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks last fall in Eldoret, Kenya. Our project is a rehab center and a children’s street ministry that takes kids off the street who have been abandon.
    Bishop Philip Rono runs Haven Recovery, and Bishop Wilson Kirui runs Jesus Love Ministry for the kids.
    Bishop Wilson Kirui will be here in the states in May/June of this year. He is very interested in meeting up with Teen Missions to discuss the possibility of a team coming to help them. Please let me know the best way to help coordinate this project. I know boot camp is around the corner, He would be a great guest speaker if you need someone.

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