Linda Evans Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Dear Family, Friends, and Former Team Members,

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since I joined staff!  I have been anything but bored.  I still have a few boxes that have never been unpacked – like some pictures and other wall hangings.  Well, I won’t be getting to that anytime soon, because. . .


I’m going to Canada for three months!  It’s a good thing I didn’t get rid of ALL of my warm clothes!!!  It’s going to be real winter there.  Hello snow again – yay!!!  I will be joining a staff couple.  I will be in charge of our Canada office while I am there – this is a BIG responsibility, so I’m going to need your prayers more than ever!  The main function of that office right now is promoting Teen Missions and handling Canadian team member registrations, visas and anything else related to that.  But there is also everything else involved with running an office.  It is in Outlook, Saskatchewan – about 60 miles south of Saskatoon.  I hear food is more expensive there and I’ll need travel insurance, but hopefully that will be offset with reduced expenses at home.  I will fly up around the beginning of March and be back by the beginning of June to get prepared for the summer.  Speaking of summer, I’ll be going to . . .

Puerto Rico

I am currently set to lead the Puerto Rico team this summer – hurricane relief.  Probably won’t change, but you just never know!  We have over 385 kids signed up on our many teams so far.  Pray that those the Lord is leading to sign up will follow that leading.  Share the opportunity with young people you know.  Especially pray for more leaders for teams—godly leaders with servant hearts.  My team still needs a back up male leader – any of you FTM’s interested?

M.A.D. Mothers (M.aking A. D.ifference)

I’ll still be handling this program while in Canada.  The M.A.D. Mothers program is going well and slowly expanding.  This is what I have spent a great deal of my time working on this year— developing the program, producing monthly newsletters, promoting, communicating with groups, etc.  I even got to visit with some of my M.A.D. Mothers in NY and NH while on my Christmas travels.  We now have five M.A.D. Mothers Fellowship Groups in cities around the country and others praying about starting one.  Prayer IS the greater work, however, with the efforts of the first few groups, much has been accomplished in the physical realm as well.  Between personal donations and fundraising, they have provided enough funds to drill two wells in Africa, build a bunk house for MSSM Circuit Riders, and sponsor a Sunday school, as well as donated clothes, shoes, blankets, etc.  I am amazed at what God has done through this handful of dedicated ladies!  And one of our NY ladies is in Malawi on an adult team as I write this.  We just had our second annual retreat here in Florida.  We had a small group again like last year, but with some new attendees, and had so much fun learning and fellowshipping together.  We had many activities, like sunrise at the beach, campfire devotions, Bush Sunday School, African cooking and a M.A.D. Hatter Tea Party.  Won’t you join us next year?

American Awakening

For those who aren’t familiar with this, it will be a team of young people traveling the U.S. working with churches to inspire youth and promote Teen Missions.  Well, our last plan for this didn’t pan out – otherwise I would be on the road by the time you get this instead of planning for three months in Canada.  It has not been rescheduled yet.  

Christmas Travels

In October, I started praying about a northeast trip over Christmas.  We close the office for two weeks every year, and I actually ended up having a total of 18 days free to travel.  As I contacted family and friends and found people were available, it seemed my prayers were answered with a “YES!”, so I made a commitment and started making plans.  I was even unexpectedly blessed with gift cards, including gas cards, and a few “travel donations” that covered all my expenses.  All the pieces just fell into place better than I could ever have imagined.  I drove 3809 miles (and no car problems!), traveled to/through 16 states, drove on 13 days (5 days of no driving), slept in eight different homes, visited people in 12 cities, taken to at least four more cities for sightseeing, connected with 25 family, friends and former team members, and met 23 new people!  Some people I hadn’t seen for months and some for as much as 20 years!!!  I got to spend Christmas with my friends, Karen and Bill, and New Year’s Eve with my cousin, Dawn, her husband, Mark, and their daughter, Jewel.  I was able to both give and receive much encouragement on my travels and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with everyone.  I am blessed beyond belief!

Revive Church

I have been attending a new church plant in Cape Canaveral that began on Easter Sunday last year.  I love it!  It is very different than my last church, with one exception – both churches love and serve the Lord and provide good teaching!  I feel comfortable in any church that fits that description.  It’s a very casual setting where anyone would feel welcome.  I have gotten to know quite a few people already and bonded with some through a small group Bible study.  We have started something new- “Church has left the building”. Every so often we don’t have regular service, we go into the community to serve during that time instead!  What a great concept.  I will miss it while I am in Canada!

Financial update

I shared about the status of my support level in my last newsletter. A couple of more people have felt led to join my monthly support team, Praise the Lord!  Additionally, I received a few generous one-time year end gifts that will help carry me through for a while.  Thank you all so much!!!  I couldn’t be here without you!

Keep me in prayer as I serve – I pray for you as well!

Blessed in Service,

Linda Evans

Prayer Requests

• God’s direction and blessing on all my work

• That I deepen my relationship with God

• Better discipline and time management

• To glorify God in all I do

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