Robert & Dorah Yoder Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings to you all in the blessed name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We hope and trust this finds all of you doing well and living in health. Zambia is doing well, and we are in our rainy season. We have had a great 2017 and God has been growing us from one level of faith and trust to another. We have faced some challenges in our families, both here in Zambia and also in America in the area of sicknesses. Through it all we have seen and testified that God is faithful and He is in control of everything that concerns us.

It has been a busy time for us in Zambia. I (Robert) still do a lot of driving out to the Rescue Units to take medical supplies and also to visit with the missionaries who live out there. I also help to fix the trucks and keep them on the road. Being the rainy season, we are also busy planting Teen Missions corn fields and weeding the fields. On Sundays I take the Bible school students to hospital ministry where they have the opportunity to visit and pray for the sick in the Ndola central hospital. There is also the Teen Church at our home church in Zambia that we do ministry with every Sunday.

Dorah is ever busy with taking care of the family at home as we are homeschooling. She is the primary teacher; it is a challenge for her, but she does well by the grace of God. Dorah also helps teach in the BMW Bible school in Zambia. She is also in charge of the BMW Kitchen which keeps her busy. Esther is doing grade 3 now. She is also learning how to ride a bike. Ethan is 4 years old, but turning 5 on the 14th of February.  He is doing K-5 at school and is also learning to ride a bike. Elisha is our youngest. He is 1 year and 2 months and is learning to walk.

Back to Zambia— In Dec 2017 we had three Boot Camps that ran. What a blessing to be a part of that! We had Boot Camps in Ndola, Solwezi and Mansa. This year we helped with transporting the children to and from camp. I also helped with taking care of the leaders for the Solwezi Boot Camp and getting them to Solwezi. We thank God for the safety He provided to us as we did a lot of traveling. Ndola had seven teams; Mansa had four teams; and Solwezi had four teams. Dorah helped cook for the leaders during Leader Seminar. We also had opportunity to counsel some leaders and members who needed Jesus and had other issues. We also prepared the meal for the graduates, interns and the guests who attended the graduation during Boot Camp.

Our family is in the US until April 21 for deputation.  If you would like to have us share our ministry or would like to visit with us, please contact us!  We want to thank you for your support both financially, physically and spiritually. May God bless you and keep you all. 

Thank you and May God bless you,

The Yoder Family

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