Claiment & Siphon Sibanda Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Meet the base coordinators Claiment & Sipho Sibanda

Dear Fellow Believers In Christ, 

Greetings from Zimbabwe to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please allow us to share with you the faithfulness of God in our lives as we continue serving Him under the ministry of Teen Missions International in Zimbabwe. And may our great God be glorified.

It has been 14 years and seven months now since we returned from Zambia to come and coordinate the base in Zimbabwe. The Lord has been faithful to sustain us as a family and provide all our needs so we can continue serving Him well.  He has given us the gift of of good health, strength, knowledge and wisdom in doing the work of God. He has also given us ability to work in difficult situations, of which at first it was hard to comprehend the reason, but later on and the more we face challenges, the more we receive courage to serve God, and confidence in doing the Lord’s job. The Lord’s protection is always there even when we fall down from problems and challenges. But, God miraculously spares our lives from harm. The abundant grace is sufficient for us as a family.

It is so encouraging to see people getting changed and transformed into the likeness of God. In 2014, with the proceeds of the annual AIDS Orphans Mud Run that took place in Florida, we have been able to start helping grandparents, widows and orphans. We have had opportunities to help so many through this ministry. Praise the Lord, even today these people are getting help and they are so excited and as we help them we are able to share the Word of God!

On December 4th, we began our Boot Camp. We were blessed so much through this time with having 80 team members and 12 leaders. We were challenged to see young kids who are eager to serve the Lord during Christmas. While some  enjoyed being with their families, these kids chose to come and spread the Word of God with Teen Missions. 

This year our daughter, Hope, led a team. We could see the Lord’s hand at work because her team filled with team members first. They went to help plaster a classroom and it challenged the community to see young kids working the way they worked.

We had another team that was led by Nkosilathi. They went with 10 bags of cement to a church where they poured concrete and finished in it one day. The people then brought more plaster for the toilet and the church building. They finished the job. Praise the Lord for the accomplishments of this team! 

Our team was putting a floor in the House of Goodness, doing door-to-door evangelism and orphan, grandparent and widow ministry. The team did a great job, We used the ten bags of cement we had in one day and started moving around giving Christmas gifts to the orphans, grandparents, and widows. We also gave out medications. One grandmother was so happy that she prayed for the team and danced for them. 

All in all we saw the Lord’s hand at work. It was a great and wonderful experience to lead these kids. We had two young boys who were very brilliant. One shared the Word of God at a home where the man of the house was with his friends drinking. He accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Please pray with us that the man may not go back to the world. 

Prayer Requests:

• Knowledge and wisdom as we are serving the Lord. 

• Perseverance and willingness to learn for the BMW students.

• The Lord may use us mightily in reaching out to the unreached people .

May our good Lord, Jesus Christ, continually point out His bountiful blessing upon us who serve Him faithfully.

We are asking for men and women who love the Lord to help with school fees for our daughters, Hope and Delight. Hope will need $50 three times a year and Delight will need $30 three times a year. Thank you. 

Yours in Christ, 

Claimet, Sipho, Hope & Delight Sibanda

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