Offering idol taken down and burned!

Kampong Chhnang base:

       February 10th  , in the afternoon, we went out to the village to distribute the food for poor people from the Mudrun funds. There were 10 families who received happily the goods. We were able to sing praises, share the gospel and pray for them too. Two families have decided to follow Christ and have asked us to totally destroy the altar inside of their house that they used for offerings to the idols.  After we prayed, the students helped to take down and burn the altar. Many unbelievers saw what we were doing at that time, and they were being told that we are Christians and that we don’t offer sacrifices to the idols. Please pray that the light of Christ will shine in the dark side of this country. 

        On Sunday we went to the church in the afternoon and the students were doing their Sunday School ministry to the five villages. They came back safe and sound and happily reported their experiences in teaching the kids and youths and they proclaimed praises and thanksgiving to God during our vespers in the evening.  

      Praise God for having good health, for the protection as we going out, for the volunteer teachers, for the students who are willing to learn and to be trained, for the supporters and for the people who are praying for us here.

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