Honduras BMW making ministry plans

The Honduras  BMW (Bible Missionary and Work) students are making plans for weekend ministry.   One group will be in San Isidro on Sundays and work with the children from 2-4 and everyone in general from 4-6 pm. This past Saturday, as they walked down the street, one man invited them to his house. The man said that he had not accepted Christ because he smoked cigarettes. They told him that smoking is bad for his health and that it is better to serve the Lord. 
The second group will be going to a village a bit past San Isidro, called La VictoriaOn Saturday, they went and made the plan. This group also will be helping out with the children’s program. Two of the students with the 10-12 year olds, and the other student with the 5-9 year olds. On Sunday, they went and started in with the plan. So, they sang songs together, and then separated for the messages. After that, they took up the offering and presented the memory verse.
The third group will be going to Agua Amarilla. This past weekend, they only met and talked about what they will be doing in the future. On Saturdays, they will be doing evangelism in the community and Sunday afternoons, they will be working with the AWANA ministry in the church there.

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