New MSSM Circuit and Rescue Unit in Zambia

  Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to thank God for His daily protection. I went to Lake Mweru yesterday to set up a Rescue unit and also to look at the suitability to set up a MSSM circuit. I’m really excited at what I saw . The Sunday school will really flourish there. There are huge villages up there with thousands of people, the area is ripe for the gospel of our Lord. Mr. Salisbury is a name everyone knows very well up there. We share with the Chieftainess Mununga and she was thrilled as Peter Salisbury started Teen missions in Zambia and that Teen Missions wants to come to her Chiefdom and help her people. She is looking forward to finding a suitable land for us to do our activities. She asked us to give her a week for her to table Teen Missions plan to her sub chiefs so they can find a land for us. I’m hopeful we will set up a Rescue unit at a place called Kabuta, from Kabuta to Kalomwa a birth place of Peter Salisbury is about 20 miles and will personally make sure we have a Sunday school in that village God willing. The local people around lake Mweru remember Peter’s father as “Bwana James” meaning boss James. The work he did for the Lord up there is still speaking to this day, what a testimony for a young missionary like me and those I was with. Mr Daniel Puta Mwanto who gave us a tour of the area and also took us to the Chieftainess personally knows the Salisbury family very well and knows Peter as his own brother. He recounted how Peter came to visit him in hospital when he was sick during one of Peter’s visits to Zambia. He said he is a good friend of Peter and his family. I will begoing back there after a week.

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