Ecuador update

Thank God we have finished the Missionary Training Camp.
On the night of commissioning one team left immediately following the service to catch a bus to the property in Villamil Playas, The other team stayed at the base in La Concordia. Well, we were thinking for a moment to know where to start working because there were some projects started. We started by going to bring the wood to build the new bridge to go through with the truck and the materials. The young people worked very hard until finishing the bridge project. Then we started to move material with the truck, but this was difficult because of the rain and the road to the hut was very slippery, we were buried in the mud several times. We went to evangelize in La Concordia, in a town called the Lost City and in a community called the Almorzadero, there we saw a concrete mixer and asked if they could rent us. Thank God they said yes and we brought the mixer to the base. On Monday morning, my brother Manuel de Quito arrived and made a few repairs to the mixer and helped us with squaring and leveling the columns in the new building. Thank God we managed to lay the foundations of the fourteen columns. We stopped because we ran out of the cement left that Brother Barber bought us. We leveled the ground floor in front of the house with stone and ballast. It is ready to put the concrete. We carried all the stones and the ballast to the hut. Again I have seen what God can do with a small group of young people who are willing to serve God with all their heart. They finished all the evangelism and construction work that we planned to do.  Glory to God.
 They made chocolate with the cocoa of the property and several meals with bananas. What a blessing.
The team that was in Villamil Playas cleaned the construction area and arranged the road to enter a tanker with water. They helped two churches in evangelism and Vacation Bible School. Many decisions for Christ were made.

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