Mansa, Zambia work complete-classes to begin

Greetings all,

The Mansa work crew which consists of the 10 students that are on property now. According to Oscar they are a fantastic group that works very hard. They have built a total of six buildings, the classroom, the girls dorm, the boys dorm, the toilet/ bathroom, the kitchen, and a chicken house. They are ready for class which will start next Monday (one week from today).
This first picture shows the outside of the boys dorm. There are four dorm rooms plus the storage room on the end. The outside remains to be painted then the dorm will be finished. So we can say it is ready for students on the 23rd of April. 
Boys dorm.
We currently only have one female student, she will be joined by two MSSM bicycle circuit riders.
Girls dorm.
Below is the chicken house. The building to the left is the brooding house and to the right is the laying house for hens and their chicks. The middle area is open range. It can handle up to 100 chickens. 


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