Emery & Linda Aronson Newsletter (Spring 2018)


It is another spring.  Aiden had his 6th birthday and a party with cousins and friends. The party included trampoline jumping and things to climb

 on, cake and presents. What else would a birthday boy wish for?  On Easter Sunday we attended church, then went to McDonalds and ate and watched the kids play.  After that we headed back to the house to color and hunt Easter eggs.

The Mud Run is a couple weeks away on May 5, and then it is time for Boot Camp.  I will be helping with the Mustard Seeds again this year.  This year the theme is back to “Cowboy Camp”.  That means it’s time for horse riding (pony sticks), covered wagon rides, a cow train, BBQ, campfires, and of course singing around the campfire.

We have all the Big Tops up so that is another sign that Boot Camp is coming soon.  Once the Mud Run is over,  we will get the team member tents set up inside the bigger tent and then be ready for the Mustards Seeds to arrive.

It is that time again when we need to buy another van.  The transmission on our current van has gone bad. We don’t think it would be good to get it fixed because we don’t want to put any more money into it and not really know what else  might go wrong next.  We are trusting God will provide the means that we will be able to get another van with low mileage on it. If you would like to contribute to our van fund, you can use the coupon on the newsletter. (online donations click HERE

Pray that we will get the right van and get the funds we need for it.

Emery has been busy redoing the Slough and also the Red Sea. Over time, wear-and-tear and the weather has taken its toll on these obstacles on the course the kids run every summer. It has been a big project, but many hands make the job easy to get done. There is always mowing around the property and cleaning up around the lakes on the property to make them look good also, so it’s been a busy spring for him. There is not much work in the Print Shop, but every once in awhile things have to get cut and folded. Thank you for praying for Emery’s health. He feels better, but some days he has no energy, but he just has to keep going on.


Joseph, once again is out in Iowa for the summer.  He will help with camps and retreats as they happen. For now he is trying to keep warm—being a Florida boy in the middle of a snow storm and with a few inches of snow on the ground.  It is nice change for him to see that.

His address is PO Box 27 Lucas, IA 50151 if you would like to send him a card or note. He will be there until at least end of August.

We trust you will have a great summer and remember to keep Teen Missions in your prayers for safety and wisdom.

The Aronsons



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