South Africa Boot Camp : Has Teen Missions changed your plans for the future?

Has participation with Teen Missions changed your plans for the future in any way?

Prevail age 18 “In whatever I will do I will involve God in order for it to be successful.”

Amisse age 17 “Now I know that God loves me and I have chosen Christ as my Lord and Savior.”

Katlego age 18 “I was a drunkard. I am ready to stop.”

Ntsako age 14 “First I came and I had asthma because of the environment. My lungs were infected and lote of people prayed for me.  My pastor and my parents came and prayed for me. The next day I was healed.”

Tshegofatso age 14 “I had a different goal in life but now I want to travel around the world and help poor children and evangelize.”

Phindile age 14 “I have realized my dream to be a doctor.”

Seipati age 18 “I want to start giving words of encouragement at my church and also introduce some projects/classes I did here at the camp to my church.”

Gift age 17 “Teen Missions taught me how to pray, memorize and love.”

Philasande age 14 “TMSA is a good place to learn!”

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