Doug & Barb Petersen Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Dear Family and Friends

Back in Africa!  

We are so happy to be back in Zambia.  Things are going well.  Yes, there can be challenges, but God is always with us and causing things to work out for good.  We would like to share a bit of news.

Lake Mweru

Boys’ Dorm/storeroom on the end

Oscar Chama is back from another trip to the Mansa/Lake Mweru area.  He has found that there is a great need for ministry in that part of Zambia (northeastern) and the doors are wide open. In the Lake Mweru area, we are excited about opening a new Rescue Unit and three new Motorcycle Sunday School circuits, each doing 7 locations a week.  Many more people would then have the opportunity to hear God’s Word on a weekly basis, mainly children.  We have found that as the Word brings changes in the lives of the children, it soon causes the parents to seek the Lord also.  God is so good.  Oscar also found a very large Refugee Camp (tent city) near the lake. These refugees have fled over the border from the Congo where there is trouble in the far north.  We pray that God will open the door for ministry into this camp also.  


The BMW classroom

Oscar Chama’s work crew is back from constructing the buildings for the new BMW school.  It is very encouraging to see the pictures of the buildings and know that the school will open for the coming term, the Lord willing.

Back on the base

Life continues as usual here.  It is peaceful, with everyone busy doing their work. We are about to leave the rainy season behind and enter into the cold season. There are 32 students who have just finished their term this weekend.  The students come from the eastern border all the way to the western as far as Solwezi.  They are busy working on projects around the
base and also preparing to go to Wangibasha next week for Boot Camp.  This Springl Boot Camp will be filled with orphans from the Sunday Schools and from the Rescue Units in the Lufwanyama area.  Oscar and Maureen Chama will be running this BC.  We pray for many young people to come to know Jesus during this time.


We will be receiving another container.  It is now on African soil and making its way to us, getting closer every day.  We are grateful to those who support this effort and know its contents will be a great benefit to many as it arrives.  It has many different items, including bales of donated clothing.


We were surprised and thrilled to see our granddaughter Courtney and her husband Sam who came in a surprise visit to Florida this Easter.  But the biggest surprise came when they announced that they are going to have a baby!  This will be our first great-grandchild and we were shouting with joy at the news.  Actually Sarah and Rob will finally be grandparents, too, and they are overjoyed along with the whole family.  It made us all think of the “from generation to generation” promises.  God has been so faithful to us as a family and we give Him all of the praise!


Oscar talking with many chiefs about the plans at Lake Mweru

We are doing fine.  Yes, getting older, but very grateful to be up and working every day.  Doug finished his radiation treatments a week before we left the States.  He has had no side effects from the treatment. After our arrival he has worked very hard to get the finances all up to date and he had a crucial government report completed and turned in on time.  He breathed a big sigh of relief when that was finished.  He continues in his daily routine, up before the sun at 5:30 and into his busy day.

What is next? 

We look forward to getting back into the classroom next term, Lord willing.  We are learning to stay very flexible since it seems that this is the lesson we have been learning during the last couple of years.


You are the best!  We praise God for using you to make it possible for us to serve Him in Zambia.  It is our heart’s desire to fulfill His plan for us.  We will stay flexible.  We so appreciate your prayers, support, and for standing with us.  May the Lord bless you in abundance…”pressed down, shaken together, and running over,”  as His Word promises. We love you!

Thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together.

 In His Harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

Matt. 6:33 & Gal. 2:20

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