Jason & Karen Shrock Newsletter (Spring 2018)

We hope this finds spring warming you up as the cold creeps in our homes bringing winter’s arrival. Karen finally had time to go through the Boot Camp evaluations which flooded us with good memories from the team members. We just have to share a few!

Has participation with Teen Missions changed your plans for the future in any way?

Prevail age 18: “In whatever I will do I will involve God in order for it to be successful.”

Katlego age 18: “I was a drunkard. I am ready to stop.”

Ntsako age 14: “First I came and I have asthma because of the environment. My lungs was infected and lot of people prayed for me and my pastor and my parents come and prayed for me. The next day I was healed.”

Tshegofatso age 14: “I had a different goal in life now I want to travel around the world and help poor children and evangelize.”

Phindile age 14: “I have realized my dream to be a doctor.”

Seipati age 18: “I want to start giving words of encouragement at my church and also introduce some projects/classes I did here at the camp to my church.”

Philasande age 14: “TMSA is a good place to learn!”

Ntsika joined the Ndlovu family March 11! His name means “pillar”
Two “hired hands” Papa J and Papa E(for Eivind) ready to paint the laver for the lifesize replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle


February was my last time to do the Samaritan Lady Outreach. Due to lack of staff and students a missionary from India, Jothi, who has a huge passion to minister to these ladies, will keep it going for us.  She is going monthly to the location with some other ladies from Zimbabwe who know their language and songs, which is how things ended for me with singing and dancing and celebration. They love on the ladies and do church with them and  I know they sare in good hands.

Jolie doesn’t want to see any more injections or hospitals for a long time!

In March our Bible study ministry to the women at the Sonskyn Afrikaans squatter camp got a facelift. Hillsong ladies are now coming each Thursday
and doing the “Shine” program for the next eight weeks. It is interesting that the Afrikaans word sonskyn means “sunshine”! It is a time of encouragement and empowerment to the ladies. There are also snacks, a craft and a little token gift having to do with the theme each week. We are seeing the ladies opening up their hearts, being kinder to one another and even hugs each week!

Jothi taking the selfie and Karen in the back with the lovely Samaritan Ladies!

March also brought a change to our MSSM children’s ministry. We had six kids just show up at our gate from a different direction. So we changed our Friday stop and included all the kids around us in the plots from three locations. It’s so great to have kids who are so different in cultures: Afrikaans (white), blacks of many languages, and children from Zimbabwe all coming together to have fun and learn the Bible. In April we got even more brave and picked up the kids from the three different ministry locations and brought them to the base to swim! We had over 45 for ministry and fun in the pool.

Jolie became sick and after three doctor appointments and getting worse with severe pain, ended up in the ER three days in a row before finding relief. After a viral infection she got an impacted bowel that they only found after lots of tests and a CT scan. She gave us quite a scare, but we thank God she is healthy and has got her dimpled smile back. We discovered that her scoliosis has gotten really bad on her right shoulder. Pray with us for healing as she sees a specialist for that in May.

Mr. Ludwig is famous for his roses around the world talking with Mama C.

With Carol & Eivind Bray from Seattle joining us for three months the Tabernacle work has blossomed. We have now totally finished the Brazen Altar, put the final touches on the Table of Showbread, Altar of Incense and Ark of the Covenant. All these items and directions for building are in the Bible in Exodus Chapters 35-40. We also found a metalsmith to make the laver for us! Then we took some time to do fun South African things like going to Ludwig’s Rose Garden, the Apartheid Museum and even going down into the gold mine in Johannesburg. In May we hope to take them to Swazilan

Lifeguards Tshego, Karen, Carol(seated) and Jolie and the wonderful MSSM children!

In January we felt a change coming from the Lord. In February we had some prayer warriors join us in seeking for His wisdom. March brought many confirmations that our South Africa chapter is coming to a close. We will be leaving South Africa and return to Indiana in mid September for medical leave, rest and seeking where to begin our next chapter until Dec. 1. By then we hope to have a vision as to where the Lord is leading us. We know God’s hand is in this so pray for smooth transitions for us and that new leadership would be raised up to take the South African ministry forward.



Jason, Karen, Joy & Jolie
Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I AM God”
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +2783-280-6704


— Water issues resolved with new pumps as you can see from baptisms in our pool
— Jenn had grandbaby #4 March 11 Ntsika Jeremiah Ndlovu was born!
— Jolie turned 17 in April and praise the Lord she is well now

Prayer Requests:

— Karen’s medical bills were over $17,000 and are now down to $3500! Praise the Lord and keep praying for God’s provision; any gifts are appreciated
— Team from Florida Boot Camp coming July 3-29 to set up the Tabernacle and do drama ministry
— Ask God to make it clear to us where He wants us to serve Him
— Someone to take over the ministry in South Africa

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