Loretta Smith Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Greetings From Mongolia:

 It’s been an interesting two months since I last reported from Mongolia. Many of your prayers have been answered in a short time.

1. We now have five live-in students here at the training center. We don’t call our ministry a Bible School—it’s young people in training. The government doesn’t allow Bible training here so we need to be careful in what we say and do.

2. The house has been adequate space for starting our program. We have three girls in the upstairs dorm and two boys in a room next to mine downstairs. The classroom is full by the time you put five students, a teacher, and an interpreter in it.

3. We got the sewer system up and working, then the 2000 liter water-holding tank was set in ground and a heater installed. It was all working so nicely, then spring sprung, snow and ice started melting and the ground water filled the septic tank, also the outhouse is now full. As for the water tank, it rose up slowly, like a sub coming up, tore up the floor of the tank house and now we can’t get near the tank opening. We will need to remove the roof off the tank house then decide our next move. We have been hauling water in five-liter jugs for two weeks now, but our driveway is so muddy that we can hardly walk out to the truck and we were not able to carry water in due to the slippery driveway. Now, it has warmed up and the ice and snow are almost gone, just leaving a muddy mess. We prayed and asked the Lord what to do as there was just one more day of water left in our jugs and then we woke up to one foot of white, clean, heavy snow. I said heavy because Mongolia is landlocked and the air is very dry. That makes for light snow, but we woke to heavy water-ladened snow. YES! We were out there with all our big pots and pans hauling snow into the house to melt. We are so blessed to have such a good, caring Father.

4. We have teachers for our classes and the translators are working hard to get our class notes into Mongolian.  Remember we asked you to pray, and He has answered!

5. The INGO status is still on hold for us. The last department that interviewed us was very adamant that we not get our INGO. So we wait and see what our God has in store. He is sovereign over all!

6. As for my health, all is well and in working order.  Also, no bugs….too cold here….prayers answered. Thank you.

Not sure of the future here, only Father knows His plans.  We do know His plans are to do us good, not to harm us, so I’m anxious to see what’s up next. 

Our daily schedule here begins at 5:15—rise and shine, then devotions and sharing for one hour. Breakfast, chores and then classes start at 8 a.m. untill noon. Lunch is for an hour then back to class untill 4 p.m. We work for an hour then have one hour free time followed by dinner for an hour, then 30 minutes of chores. At 7 p.m., we have one hour of English, then study time. Lights out are at 10 p.m. We stay busy and the students English is starting to kick in. My Mongolian is really lacking compared to their English.

  1. I have a few pictures to share:  meet the students, Egii, Ogii, Oyuma, Bymba, and Mindy. I can’t spell or pronounce her name. All these names are shortened versions of their 9-14 letter names. 
  2. That’s just their first names…O my! So glad Daddy knows their names.
  3. We’ll it’s getting late here and I must leave until next time, but please keep us in your prayers.

Prayer request list:

  1. The INGO status comes through for us.
  2. The training center to be used to build disciples for the Kingdom.
  3. The center to be put back into working order…septic system,  water tank, driveway.
  4. That the students hearts, minds and souls be to learn about their Lord.
  5. Health for all here.
  6. That we can run the Teen Missions Boot Camp this summer.

Love and prayers to all of you,

In His Service,

Loretta in Mongolia

Joshua 1:9
Isaiah 41:10
Hebrews 13:8

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