Pat Storey Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Greetings Everyone,

Happy Spring!  The rainy season is beginning here and we need rain badly so it has been good to see it come.  It seems that people in the area can tell when we put up our tents for Boot Camp because it usually seems to bring rain with it.

Big Top Day

Last Saturday Big Top #1 went up.  The other tents had already been up for a few days, so now it  looks like Boot Camp is just around the corner.  It is, but first we will have our annual Aids Orphan Mud Run on May 5, which is our biggest fundraiser every year for our Orphan Rescue Units.  It goes a long way in keeping those ministries overseas going.  COME ON DOWN AND JOIN US!  It’s quite an event and one we look forward to all year round.


The day after the Mud Run, we will be sending two teams out to set up our life-sized replicas of the Old Testament Tabernacle.  One will be set up in Cibilo, Texas; the other at Jericho Hills Camp in Lucas, Iowa.  Most of you know where that is, so if you get the chance, you really should take a trip to Lucas and take a tour.  This is also a fundraiser for AIDS Orphans, but is an amazing evangelism tool because every part of the Tabernacle points to Jesus who came a couple of thousand years later to take the punishment for our sin!  Many have met Him after taking a tour and learning the details about the Tabernacle where God resided as the Israelites wandered in the wilderness.  Both Tabernacles will be up until October, when we travel back to take them down and begin to look for new locations for them for 2019.

Boot Camp, of course, is the beginning of the MAIN event for Teen Missions each year.  This is the reason we exist – to expose teenagers (and younger) to missions and help them have a true mission experience.  It is a life-changing experience for nearly everyone that comes.  Please pray with us as we get closer and closer to Boot Camp and, of course, summer missions trips all around the world.  We always need team leaders, so if you have ever thought about leading a missions team, now’s your chance.  Just give us a call.


I will be leading the Madagascar MSSM team again.  I led this team two years ago and I’m excited to go back again and see the staff and students who run our work there.  It will be a great experience for the team members to go out to the bush and help with the Sunday schools being taught there and to help get some work done around the Teen Missions Madagascar base.

As the team boards in our hallway fill up with pictures and we begin to pray for all of the team members and leaders that will be attending Boot Camp this year, we all get pretty excited.  We can’t wait to meet our teams and get to know them as we begin the two weeks of training.  Boot Camp can be pretty intense, which is why we spend a lot of time in prayer as an organization as well as individual staff members.  It takes all of us plus a whole lot of volunteers to get it accomplished every year and we appreciate all the help we can get.

On a personal note, my youngest daughter, Emily, will soon have baby #4 for them and grandchild #15 for me!  Oh how precious those little ones are to me, although some of them are not that little now (I am really old enough to have a 14 year old granddaughter?). They all keep their parents hopping with all the activities they are doing—from sports, gymnastics, lacrosse, baseball, 4-H, Awana and music, too.  They are constantly learning new things and I can’t wait to see what God does as they grow up.

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.  My support has come up a lot since my last newsletter and I appreciate you all more than I can even put into words.  I’m constantly extremely grateful for all those who continue to make this ministry possible.  Thank you all so much!!!

Serving Him with you,

Pat Storey

Hebrews 4:16

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