Steve & Gay Petersen Newsletter (Spring 2018)



Teen Missions is establishing a new base location in Ecuador and the first Boot Camp held on the new location was just completed! Here’s a link with video of this Boot Camp (in Spanish). In Zambia, an entire unreached region in the north is opening up and a new Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center and MSSM (motorcycle circuits) are planned. We also praise the Lord for changed lives and souls won during the spring Boot Camps in Ecuador, Myanmar and Zambia. The Philippines will begin their Boot Camp shortly as well.

Philippines Boot Camp


Currently, we are assigned to lead the South Africa Drama team. In addition to evangelism, the team plans to work on completing and setting up Teen Missions first life-sized Tabernacle replica overseas. We are looking forward to seeing and serving alongside our South African staff. The Brays, a volunteer couple from Seattle, have been working to finish building the Tabernacle walls and furnishings on location in South Africa this winter. Our team will then plan to assemble and set it up. 

Philippines Boot Camp


I (Steve) am teaching The Gospels this term and love it. With the Big Top #1 now up, there is more to do with setting up the sound & light systems for Boot Camp. Preparations are underway for our 4th annual 5k Mud Run event on May 5th. Proceeds support our AIDS Orphans ministries. The Mud Run continues to grow as we expect over 800 runners! We’ve also been able to release some exciting new videos this year. You can check them out at . In May, I am scheduled to help with setting up the Tabernacle display in Lucas, Iowa. The Gospel is clearly presented during the Tabernacle tours to thousands each summer and donations also support AIDS Orphans. Gay is continuing her work in the Personnel department in addition to her duties homeschooling Timothy & Faith. She has also enjoyed cooking for retreats and working with the Bible School students who serve with her during that time.  She helps as a leader in the Tuesday night Bible Studies at our church. We also enjoy helping with the 3rd & 4th grade class on Sunday mornings.


The Lord is once again building a testimony of faith and provision as Timothy (Fiji) and Faith (South Africa) have each seen the Lord miraculously providing for their summer support. As of this writing, they both have all of their support in. We’ve actually had tears (of joy) in our house as we’ve witnessed God’s provision first hand providing valuable life lessons. Timothy continues to serve as a basketball referee on Saturdays and Faith now helps too as a scorekeeper for the local Upward Basketball league (a Christian league for younger kids). 


Zambia – Lufwanyama  20 Leaders and 93 team Members for 4 teams

We are awed by God’s faithfulness and your generosity through prayer, finances and friendship that both encourages us and allows us to be able to serve the Lord full time… THANK YOU!


  • Safe setup of our Big Tops (#1, #2, Peanut, and Mustard Seed tents)
  • For successful installation of the new Slough and Red Sea Obstacles
  • For fruitful ministry at Spring  Boot Camps in Ecuador, Myanmar, and Zambia


  • There are still some positions to be filled for male leaders on our summer teams
  • God’s blessing on our 4th Annual AIDS Orphans Mud Run (expecting over 800 runners!)
  • Safe travel and setup for our life-sized Tabernacles in Iowa
  • Wisdom and anointing as we prepare to receive and train hundreds of youth this summer
  • As Gay and the kids finish up the school year

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