Timothy & Christi Chaffee Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Hello Family, 

Friends and Former Team Members,                                                                                                                                         Let’s spring forward and take a peek at what’s sprung since our last letter.  Rebekah entertains us with storytelling of animals and her experiences. Some of her crazy stories have included a dog arriving late for a wedding and two birds going shopping. David enjoys counting. He will count anything from the numbers on the telephone keypad to numbers on the side of a banana box and Brielle has perfected walking and enjoys rolling a basketball back and forth. Christi has been spring cleaning by going through cabinets and drawers and looks forward to Sundays and our family time following church. She particularly enjoys board games. I have begun carving birdhouses, in addition to my blacksmithing.

Personal Involvement

My time has been divided between being outside to assist with repairs and the rebuilding of  the life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle after Hurricane Irma rained through with her destruction last year and being in the Video Department.  I have also helped with preparations for the Lord’s Boot Camp this summer and the upcoming AIDS Orphans Mud Run which will be on Saturday, May 5th, which I will also have the privilege to film. 

Since our last newsletter, Christi has had a few opportunities to serve in the office.  Teen Missions owns a Christian Retreat & Conference Center and Christi helped serve in the kitchen for part of one of the retreats. To find out more about the retreat center, check out https://www.christianretreatcenter.com. Christi has also been able to assist with miscellaneous tasks in the Personnel and AIDS Orphans & Street Children (AOSC) departments.

Summer Testimony

Shad, from last year’s Mongolia team shared his answer to; How did you find out about Teen Missions?  His first time he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. His parents told him he was either going to a boarding school or on a short term mission trip because he had a lot of family issues with his dad and they would clash heads a lot. When he got here, he had just what his parents had given him and he thought they sent him to military boot camp. He didn’t think it was a church mission and thought they lied to him. As he went through it, the first three days were miserable because he had to get acclimated, but after that he fell in love with it here stating, “I’d recommend it to anyone.” After Shad’s first time it’s all been voluntary and he’s chose to come back – even sharing, “My family relations are restored” and his dad and him have a great relationship now.

Shad was also asked, “What was your summer like” to which he shared: “ The training was amazing and coming back here was almost like revisiting home. After they went through boot camp and learned everything they needed to know they went to Mongolia and he felt it’s amazing there. It’s so beautiful, but going through you could just see that the people are in such need for God and for Christ.” Shad later commented on how they went to their second project which was to work at an orphanage because there is such a need for that there. They put up walls and were taught how to throw mortar on the side and how to level it out. The Mongolians can now start out with their program because they needed a building. Following the work project they went back to the orphanage and played with the kids and developed relationships with those kids and it was so amazing.

Overseas Testimony

This testimonial from Zambia is a continuation of the progress on the Mansa Bible, Missionary and Work (BMW) classroom. “Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Just wanted to update you on the upcoming BMW. We have been working tirelessly this week, despite the rains disturbing us here and there, we have made some progress. At this time we have finished the classroom completely just painting and putting the doors, glass pen remaining. We have completed the floor and by next week the classroom will be ready. On the dormitories we have finished plastering the inside and at the moment we are working on plastering the outside. The roofing work is also done. We are planning to finish with the plaster work next week, God willing, and start working on the floor. We are really excited and can’t wait to see our pioneer student in class. Thank you for making this possible, may the good Lord richly bless you.” 


• Praise for our new supporters!    

• Praise for David as he saw an ophthalmologist on February 2 – due to a wandering eye. David has great vision; however, he has intermittent exotropia which may occur when viewing things from a further proximity – as well as when he is confused, tired or sick.

• Praise for Rebekah as she no longer has the box on her report card checked for working below grade level in reading. Her teacher commented, “She is currently reading on a level one, which is below the grade level expectation for this time of year, but it is awesome that she is reading!” My assumption is although Rebekah is reading below the grade level expectation it is not low enough to check the box as working below grade level in reading.

Prayer Requests 

• Pray for continued support of Teen Missions and our family.

• Pray for Timothy as he has been asked to lead the Ecuador teen team. Pray for his team members and other leaders to practice Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” 

• Pray for Christi and our children as they will be going to Ecuador as family members.

• Pray for Christi and our children to raise the remaining support ($3,240) for accompanying Timothy this summer.

• Pray for our family to be healthy–a lot of sicknesses have been lingering around.

Thank you for coming alongside us prayerfully and financially to equip us for Christ’s service!

In Christ,

The Chaffee’s

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