Zozo Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus!

This is the report from your friend in Vangaindrano, Madagascar.

How are you all?

Here in Vangaindrano we have 7 BMW students and 6 Circuit Riders. I would like to tell you about these ministries. We follow the same schedule Monday through Friday. I usually bring my children to school early in the morning, (before 6 AM). The children go to school Monday through Friday. I return to the base by 9 AM and all of the staff, circuit riders, and BMWs attend chapel. After chapel, Lilly teaches us all English, and after English time the circuit riders prepare their lessons before leaving for ministry. We give thanks to God for all good things, and also to Lilly for coming down to Vangaindrano and helping us.

We start our Bible study and classes with the BMWs after all this until lunch time. Every Tuesday afternoon at 2 we have prayer and worship time for two hours. On Friday I shared my testimony during chapel time. At 4 we seek the Lord’s face, and at this time everyone here must stop what they are doing. I then pick up the kids from town and return to the base. Every Saturday I spend two hours repairing the vehicles, tractor, three-wheeler, and TMI motorbike. I also spend time on making reports and the finances. Every Sunday I usually take a rest with my family and take time to pray and worship God.

Please pray for all the vehicles, and for the big house. We haven’t worked on it in a long time, and this is the big house we use every Boot Camp. Before we used a Big Top for Boot Camp, but the strong winds make it fall often.

Our Boot Camp went well last time, so, please pray for our Boot Camp this year as we are working hard to prepare for it. This year we will have four teams because last year we had many kids show up, but there wasn’t enough room for them, so we had to send them away. That’s why we will have four teams this year.

We have seven BMW students right now and all of them are enjoying their training. Two of them will be finished with their study after this term. That means they will be starting their internship, so please pray for them that they will stand firm in God. All of the students are trying to do their best. These students are from different churches; Lutheran, Assembly of God, Presbyterian, etc. They began practicing the life of a missionary when they came here, and they often talk about how this training will bring lots of fruit into their lives.

We have six circuit riders and we thank God for His love. Usually, we have a big problem with them. The neighbors were saying during their ministry that they would come in search of girlfriends and trying to steal babies and sell them to American people. But now when they go and minister they are blessings to the people. They’ll go without bicycles sometimes even when it’s raining. They are often out of materials as well, but they try their best to teach the children.

They spend two hours every first Sunday of the month to pray over this list:

  1. Prayer for the villages and the children’s ministry. For God to open the way for the Gospel to come to them.
  2. Prayer for the Lord to protect them when they go out and the bicycles as well. They pray that they will have motorbikes soon, instead of bicycles.
  3. Prayer for the kids to have wisdom and a good relationship with God.
  4. Prayer that God will provide all the materials they need. (Rain jacket, boots, black board, etc)
  5. Finally, they share a Bible lesson with one another.

All of the staff, students, and circuit riders live together at the base. We serve the Lord together in unity, and live in harmony with encouragement, enjoying the time we have. Continue to remember the two staff that left in your prayers.

Recently there were five widows that came from around the base, they were about 60 and 70 years old. They complained to us that they don’t have enough food, so please pray for them that the Lord will open a way for us to provide for them.

Don’t forget to pray for my wife as she went to the hospital on March 8th. The doctor told us she shouldn’t do hard work for three months. Now my wife, Noeline, is back from the hospital and has time to rest and to do things little by little. She has been much better, so we thank you for your prayers. WE give God the glory for bringing Lilly here. If she wasn’t here we would struggle very much. At first, I didn’t take Noeline to the hospital because I believed that God would heal her. But the Lord convinced me to take her to have the operation. He taught me I needed to learn to take care of the sick. We pray all the time at chapel that God will use our illnesses to make us grow in Him. At the hospital there was a very bad smell, which made me vomit. Through that the Lord helped me to stay there even with the bad smell. The hospital workers worked very hard, day and night. 

I also learned how to care for my wife, washing and giving her a bath. I wanted to see her get better so it all went well. This was interesting for me because my love for her grew deeper, because we haven’t had time together like that before. Before she went to the hospital I had a dream where my sisters comforted me, saying: ‘Be strong my brother, and don’t remarry anymore after your wife. I know that the devil wants to frighten me.’ We prayed all the time that God will help us in everything and rescue us under His wings. Finally, I felt sorry for everyone at the hospital, and the Holy Spirit told me to do something good for them. So, I spent money to buy soap for all of those around our room. I told them to be strong! If we want to be a real missionary, we need to go down and be strong like Jesus Christ who died on the cross.

We always struggle with the weather, as it doesn’t change, summer or winter. Here is rains very much. So, when the rain came it made the roads so bad that I couldn’t use the 3-wheeler. We have no car here, so I had to use the motorbike for three kilometers while the staff pushed me.

The Lord sent us to preach the Gospel throughout the world! This is one of the villages where the circuit riders do ministry.




Zozo & Noeline Ranaivoson

Prayer Requests:

  1. For wisdom, good health, protection and safety with all the financial need.
  2. For our Boot Camp this year to come through and the Lord will open doors for the Gospel!
  3. For the BMW students, circuit riders, the staff and their children to be successful in everything they do.
  4. Please pray for the continuation of the big house. So, it can be a place where we host Boot Camp and a classroom for the BMWs.
  5. For all the needs of my family and the school fees for the children.
  6. Please pray that the Lord will give us another ministry like taking care of orphans, the prisoners, ect.

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