Zambia Bootcamp Update

 Reporting on Boot camp.
We have 20 Leaders and 93 team Members for 4 teams.
Salvation 49.
This past week we have continued training the teens. We are creating a field for fruits, at this moment we are uprooting trees. We have also been picking up big rocks in the bush and  breaking them into small pieces for making concrete at the dorm at Wangibisha..
 This week we plan start plastering and roofing the dorm, as well as continuing working on the field.
Prayer requests;
Safety on the roads.
Good health.
Spiritual growth.
 Thank you for all your support, the kids have been cold at night and the container is here so I have just taken some blankets to the kids.  What a blessing these blanket will bring in the lives of the kids.Thank you for all the support you have given us always. We pray for God’s blessings on you.

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